My Wife and Child

Recently, people have been asking me about my marriage status and my child bearing record. I guess that is a common question to ask someone my age. Here is the sweet and simple skinny concerning these two questions. I am currently married to Life. See, Life has never been a bitch to me. Life has been quite wonderful and amazing. Life and I are having a great relationship. Sure, our relationship has its ups and downs. However, the ups trump the downs by ten-fold. Like all respectful relationships, it comes with dedication, diligence, and dexterity.

Life wants your undivided attention. Well, I learned Life necessarily doesn’t want your undivided attention. She wants you to recognize your devotion and dedication to her should be authentic, seen, and felt in everything you do. I realize that life appreciates it when I dedicate all my other activities (necessary and extracurricular activities) to her. She overstands that I have to devote time and energy to other things besides her to improve her living conditions. In return, Life supports me through these endeavors. She patiently grants me time to elevate in these activities. I know it is hard to believe someone as narcissist as Life would be so kind. Especially, since everyone’s favorite rapper’s favorite rappers continually disrespects her by not devoting or dedicating time to her. They get angered by the fact she doesn’t give them 100% of herself. They call her names; they write verses about her. They even write complete songs about how hard she has been on them. In reality, she is giving them what they deserve. Life is fair in rewarding people for their earnest efforts. She honors those that plan well with her, and are not afraid to execute those plans. If you act ordinary toward her, she will treat you in an ordinary way. If you are extraordinary toward her, then your existence with Life will be extraordinary. I am not one that settles with being ordinary. I surround myself with overachievers, with exuberance, and with extraordinary situtations. People bug out because I know a plethora of entertainers, politicians, trend setters, and business leaders. They are people that respect Life and offer her an extraordinary relationship, and she returns that to them. Furthermore, she is giving them the same effort that they are giving her.

Speaking of effort, you have to be diligent with pleasing Life. She has the tendency of not working for you if you don’t seem to be working for her. The only way to guarantee she is working for you is to be diligent in your work with her. Even when it seems she isn’t working for you, she is working damn hard in giving you her best parts. So, be patient! She is definitely patient with you. I make it a point to remain industrious in my endeavors. I diligently work to make her happy and dedicate all that I do to her.

Even when she doesn’t make me happy, I remain dexterous, and adapt to what she does give me. One virtue that all overachievers learn is dexterity. Dexterity allows people to accept criticism and failure. It allows them to see the success in their failures. I have learned to be nimble with Life. Life is the champion ballroom dancer and I’m the novice pupil on his first day. I know if I prove to her that I can handle the criticism; I’m willing to learn; I’m willing to adapt and overcome, then she is willing to reward me for my efforts as the perfect partner.

Life has rewarded me with many children. Recently, Life gave birth to Underground Live. Underground Live is the embodiment of all my loves in Hip-Hop culture. Actually, Underground Live is my mirrored reflection of all I love about creative culture. It is the trend setters, it is the pioneers cursed with creative stigmata, the ambition to sacrifice it all in order to constantly push the envelope with or without the proper recognition. It is honesty covered in art. It is a piece of me and Life wrapped in goodness.

Does that effectively answer the questions of my marriage and childbearing? God has not blessed me with neither in the human form. One day, I hope to reap those rewards. Moreover, I hope Life, my current wife and our children will overstand when I take on matrimony in the human form. I also hope that both my wives will dance and fellowship together. Matter of fact, I hope my human wife will be the embodiment of my precious Life.

People’s Champ

One thing that I learned in life is that you cannot be everything to everyone. So, I have taken it upon myself to be the People’s Champ! Now, as the champion of the people, I only have to be me. That means at times the people will love me and at other times they will hate me. I just have to be authentic to my charge of representing the people. You may ask who are these anonymous people that I represent? Well, I represent the in-betweeners… The people that are not street, but understand street tactics. Those individuals that know the ink from a scholar is stronger than the blood of a martyr. These are the one’s that don’t shop by brand, but shop for taste. That know a single dollar is more than 3 candy bars at Ralph’s or a bean burrito at Taco Bell. I represent people that love to travel, that love to stick out while fitting in, that are not bothered by other people’s opinions and strive for the best in themselves… I represent those that don’t have a voice, those that are shawdowed by the media stereocast (stereotype + typecast) and that are ashamed of their own holding onto the stereotypes like a badge of honor.

Yeah, I know proclaiming myself the “People’s Champ” is the most absurd thing I’ve done in a long time. Observing the current state of affairs, someone has to do it. Someone has to be the champion of the people. I mean, I left the sunny isles of Hawaii to be among those of my color… And, what I learned is that they are not of my kind… My focus as the people’s champ is not obligated to those of my color like my forefathers of generations passed. My obligation is those that shed all the negativity bestowed upon them by outside forces, those that challenge the day’s assumptions, those that question the validity of fact and those that defy the law…. I will champion that mindset by focusing more energy into informing and prospering in all activities. I know, I know- prosperity is a self-gratification element. But, honestly, who doesn’t want to be prosperous? Hell, even the Dali Lama is prosperous! Why shouldn’t I? Because I’m the people’s champ… The People’s Champ should be prosperous on his or her own merit… I’m not trying to be an evangelist exploiting those that relinquish all their power to a higher being. I’m just showing what happens when you will power to become a higher force.

Enough of the preaching. My initial steps as the People’s Champ is to explain what in the hell am I doing with my life… First off, I have an independent music tour company in the works… It reaches beyond music into other art forms and trendsetting… I am working in conjunction with two highly talented individuals that recognize that “we” are not being entertained our fairly represented in entertainment. Secondly, I’m working with this keen artist (graphic, photo and film) on developing a television show. We have the ball moving… Please, ladies check out … We are building a brand… We need all the female support in the world. And, lastly, my total brainchild… DMC… I would tell you all what DMC means, but it is not ready… There is a piece of my soul lost in those three initials… I will bear who and what I am in that company… It will die with me leaving behind treasures for the world… Now, that is propaganda…. In the upcoming year, I will try to unapolgetically bash people over the head with some quality edutainment… I will enlighten, entertain and enrich you with these three projects… That is what the PEOPLE’S CHAMP does! He ENLIGHTENS, ENTERTAINS AND ENRICHES!

Meglomanicism 101 and Narcissism 101 is brought to you by THE ORIGINAL. What do you expect from someone that calls himself “The Original.”

Change is Gonna Come…

Good Morning Ladies and Gents,

Yes, I said it. Good Morning. Because this is your wake-up call from C. Babb. For all you that know me, I’m probably one of the most complex people that you know. I contradict my own contradictions. I’m artistically inclined, yet not artistically influenced. I will love and hate things at the same time. I have never been one to impress people or try to impress people. Frankly, I don’t care about the opinions of other people. I never have and I never will.

I’m “me” in all my grandiouse flaws. I’m perfected imperfection. I’m a complete being looking for the next great adventure. I’m restless. It worries my mother to the brink of insanity that I’m restless. It bewilders my father. It loses my brother, That I’m always seeking something new; that I’m always in search of…; or chasing… As a preditorial animal, I’m always on the hunt. The end goal is success and settling for success isn’t enough. So, this letter is my pledge to all of those that feel the need to tell me to slow down, settle down, get down, stand down, or any other down in the English language.

WAKE UP! For the first thirty years of my life, I’ve never stood down from a challenge. Matter of fact, I look for challenges in the midst of conquering one. I’m not a worker bee in a factory. I don’t follow orders well. I am not naive to what the world holds for an adventurous young lad such as myself. I see no reason to hold onto relationships that pass to-and-fro in the natural course of life. I’m selfish with my own selfless existence and careless about everyone else’s selfish notions on life. That opinion doesn’t mean I don’t care about my loved ones (friends and family). I just wish them the best spirits and hope they are blessed in their decisions. Even though they question my motives for living and doing things, I do not bite back and question their motives for not doing the things that I’m trying to do. I have learned Complaceny isn’t good, nor bad. It is a state of being that some people choose to be living in.

So what my lifestyle isn’t traditional. Who cares that I haven’t settled down in Lexington, Kentucky with some beautiful woman that is willing to mother my understanding. I told my mother. I may not be a biological father. But, I’m definitely a spiritual and mental father. I birth good energy. I birth great ideas and dreams. I raise my ideas like children. I hope they grow into something greater than me.

Now, that is why I live! I live to leave children behind that are intangible and legendary. That will flourish and continue to grow even after my biological grandchildren die. My biggest issue to date is getting my children to play together. In order for them to do that, they will need to change and mature. They need to see how they are connected to one another. Teaching my ideas to play together and learn from one another has become my fulltime job. It is difficult. It is time-consuming. So, when I hear my family say that I’m spending too much time on myself. Or, I spend too much time on my dreams and ideas. I laugh. I snicker. I giggle. I grin. I overstand that they do not view ideas and dreams like I do. That is why no explanation can be given to get them to “under”stand my higher thought. I will try to explain for those that are listening.

I treat my ideas and dreams like my children. I parent them. For those with children, you recognize how much care that a child needs. As my children grow, I have to grow in order to continually be involved in their development. Now, I’m at an invincible stage in my life. I’m not afraid to motivate and inspire my ideas to grow and become bigger, brighter, better, and more brilliant. I am a dedicated father. I’m focused on their successful launch in the “real” world. I know these ideas will comfort me in my times of loneliness. They will take care of me when I’m old. They will be the remnants of my existence. So, I cradle them. I cherish them. I cultivate them. I do all this, in hopes that my present children (dreams and ideas) will take care of my unborn children.

For my unborn children, I build institutions for you. I experience life for you. I learn things for you. I ignore the complaints and cries of my family and friends for you. In final hours, I know my children will care for me in the same manner I care for them. So, my constant changes in life are to elevate the existence of all that
I birth- physically, mentally and spiritually. That is why Change is Gonna Come is my mantra, and not my curse.

Trendsetting Yourself

I’m back with another enlightening entry for all you trendsetters and wannabes. Well, you are what you are and from today. I’m going to throw “swagger” away. When Hannity uses “swagger” in his sentence construction referring to presidential candidate Obama, I know something is extremely wrong. The 2-double-0 years have been as artistically clumsy as the mid-to-late eighties. Seriously, our fashion sense has really gone out the door. For all you eighty babies, you cannot relive something that you were not old enough to understand from the jump. Most of these “trendsetters” are lost in a sea of over branding and expensive gaudy merchandise. I will not name brands in my blogs, but the overpriced pastel colors, horribly drawn screen printing thin ‘fine’ cotton tee shirt and your cheap cotton denim pants aren’t even worth a label. Honestly, we will be ashamed of ourselves ten years from now. I remember wanting to dress like Grandmaster Flash, Turbo and Kid-N-Play. Now, I’m thankful my mother did not let that go down. It is disgusting looking at young impressionable children and teenagers dressing in the worst of “cool.” It is even more disheartening to see grown individuals, who should know better, mirror the images of these children. We need to take a long look in the mirror. If you are a grown man over the age of 30, wearing jewelry in your mouth isn’t cool. Matter of fact, if you are over 30 years young and want to dress up like a “rapper,” then you need to take some self-identity classes and sit in a few self-realization courses. If you are a grown individual and your conversations only consist of gear, relationships, money and material objects, then you need to read some books. It is amazing at the limits that people place on themselves. The world is filled with information and experiences waiting to happen. All it takes is a few steps in planning, then deciding to execute. We allow others to box us in or we sublimely block ourselves. We are scared to be the nail that stands out in fear that someone will hammer down. It is not just genius that gets written in the history books. It is rebellious genius that makes the books. Less than one percent of the world’s population will ever be mentioned in history. I’m just trying to be in that one percent. Yeah, yeah. I know that overachieving isn’t for every person. Some people find their mundane existence exciting and excellent. I’m just slightly different. I want more. I don’t care for fame, cars, jewels, and a billion other physical objects (even though I’m privileged enough to have them). I’m out to Howard Roarke the world. Build institutions, franchises and such in my design. Unfortunately, I’ve been pigeonholed as a taste master of trends and setting trends. Rule one: A true trendsetter never strives to set trends. We only focus on expressing who we are at that moment. Rule two: Contradiction of style doesn’t exist to one that is “style.” Contradiction only exists with fashionable people trying to be “style.” Rule three: We make our own rules; therefore, following my rules will only make you fashionable. (Go get your own style, suckers!)

Hell, I don’t even consider myself a trendsetter. I just do me. I’m a nerdy guy that knows a lot of things about nothing. I’m quite self-absorbed, charming and a cordial asshole. I’m sexist and prejudice because I hang around nothing less than intelligent, beautiful and ambitious women. Yes, I said it. I’m sexist and prejudice. I don’t like hanging around guys. I see no need to surround myself with more than three or four males at a time and engage them in extensive conversation. Moreover, I would rather talk with women about women and other derivatives of the female form. I am also prejudice against ugly people. By no means do I consider myself an eye-catching individual or one of wondrous personality. But, charm goes a long way in a society where people lack true confidence. Most women would agree with me when I say that I’m no showstopper. But, my brawny brain will have women doing cartwheels in a wildflower meadow and captivated on some of the sweetest kool-aid to drip from my lips. I’m not a great listener. I’m the right listener. I’m not passive nor aggressive nor passive-aggressive. I’m brashly honest and bashfully cute. I’m as cocky as a single rooster in a hen house. I like weird things, but I won’t buy into all the hype of things that I like. I’m not cheap in my purchasing habits; I’m just not dumb in my spending habits or silly enough to buy all the “cool” things. I don’t try to impress people. What part of “cordial asshole” did you not understand. But, people have a tendency to try and impress me. I’m a courteous gentleman and not for a second have I thought about living a criminal lifestyle or being grimy or acting hard. I have too many options to resort to doing things that are stupid! Yes, I said it. Doing criminal activities isn’t cool. It is downright stupid. Get your weight up and get chiseled and make yourself honestly in a world of rules. I listen to rappers talk about criminals and criminal lifestyles. I don’t care about gangsters because gangsters haven’t made any real money or an imprint on society. Nerds have! I rather have Bill Gate’s status than Al Capone’s status any day. I rather be Warren Buffet than 50 Cent from BK. I rather run Google than a gang. Let’s be real. I have no reason to walk through life complaining about how hard it is. I make the ‘my’ decisions, I make ‘my’ rules and I honor ‘my’ definition of manhood. No brand in existence can accurately represent the “Babb” brand. My father told me as a child, “Steel sharpens steel. Only men can raise men.” As an adult, I understand that. Men do not need objects to define their existence. They have themselves to define their existence. They don’t need institutions and industries to support them because they build institutions and industries. As I gallivant throughout the world, I will continue to learn more about me and grow stronger as me. My legacy will be forgotten, but my imprint on the world won’t be.

That’s my word.

The Circle of Life

There was once a stonemason that lived an average life… One day in the midst of the summer, he loaded some statues unto a carriage… As he gazed at the carriage, he thought to himself, “I would love to be a simple carriage driver! All day just riding around on a carriage.” The All in hearing these pleas responded back by saying, “My son, I see you are not satisfied with the occupation I gave you. You feel as though you labor too hard, but I will grant your desires because of your loyalty to me.” In a blink of an eye, the stonemason was controlling the four most beautiful steeds on this planet. As the rider told the carriage driver to slow down and stop by the market, the stone mason said, “I enjoy being the carriage driver, but what a life it would be not to worry about nothing, but shopping.” So, the All laughed and said, “Now, my son, you wish for luxuries of unseen and unheard proportions? I will grant you this wish because you are a loyal servant. And any servant as loyal as you deserves to be a lord upon his own kingdom.” The stonemason woke up from a sleep drowning in the finest silk bedding from India. He looked up and saw that the brass clock on the marble bedroom mantle fireplace. “Oh, my God. I’m a Lord in a king’s court!” As he sauntered through the ivory hallways, he wondered, “What will I do, today?” So, he summoned his carriage, and went shopping in the marketplace. As he shopped in the marketplace, he overheard people saying, “I cannot wait for the King’s ball tonight.” So, he found the finest of fine attire for tonight’s formal event. As night fell upon the Earth, the stonemason marched into the ball with a pinch of arrogance on his sleeve. He knew he was the best-dressed suitor in the King’s hall. As he was boasting to a beautiful young lady about his rise to lordship, the trumpets sounded throughout the castle. The King stepped into the silent hall. All eyes fell upon the ground because of the fear and respect the aristocrats had for the king. The mason whispered to the young lady, “my beautiful lady, why do you glare in awe at the king? There are many men with his wealth or wealthier than our lord the King.” She said in a hushed voice, “Sure, there are men wealthier than the King. But, none have or will be as powerful as the King. The King has no need for wealth because he is the absolute of power. Even the wealthy must pay their respects to him. Or, they will be relinquished of their wealth. So, my dear lord, it is not your wealth; however, it is the prestige you demand that is respected within the ranks of those that are already wealthy. Only, the poorly rich concern themselves with wealth. It is the wealthy that concern themselves with less tangible items such as power, happiness, and even freedom. Wealth just grants us that luxury.” Then the stonemason said, “Lord, please grant me the happiness of the King. It is not the luxuries after all. It is the intangible things such as power.”
“Now, you have seen the way. For it is not your wealth, but it is your attributes as a man that will give you heaven on earth. Wealth just allows you focus on gaining those attributes. For I see ‘I’ in you, so I know you already possess some of those attributes stonemason.” As the stonemason left the ball, he noticed something peculiar. All the heads of the aristocracy were bowing before him. He called for the carriage and a caravan of carriages came to his side. “My lord, where are we off to tonight?” asked one servant.
“Take me to the sea, I desire to see a sunrise this morning,” said the stonemason.
As, the carriage halted by the sea, the mason saw birds flying overhead. Not one bird bowed down to him to show respect. On the contrary, all these fowl looked down upon him. “Oh, how great it must be to have the luxury to seek only the necessities of life. These birds have no power over man, yet they do not care for rank among us. It is as though they live freely without all the hang-ups.”
The All answered, “my son, it is only man that has hang-ups of grandeur, prestige, and power. For natural creatures life is the only hang-up. Man has separated himself from nature, thus becoming unnatural or abnormal. I will allow you to enter the natural world. Son, you have learned to crawl, walk, and run. Now, you will learn to.”
The stonemason interrupts, “Fly! I’m flying. I cannot believe it! I can go anywhere in the world and no one can stop me! Nothing can stop me!” Then a storm struck, it took the bird (stonemason) by surprise. The wind kept blowing him around. He did not know what to do. All he could do was contemplate death as a fowl of the sky. He was ready to escape this storm. “God make me something stronger than this storm. Show me the definition of true strength,” yelled the stonemason. God transformed the stonemason into the North Wind. Oh, how great a feeling to actually dominate all creatures on the face of the planet. He illustrated his power on all creatures, big and small. They all knew of the powerful winds coming from the North that caused all creatures to hide in fear. As the stonemason blew in all directions, he noticed he could make everything move, except one thing. He tried and tried, but he could not make the rocks nor mountains move. He said, “God, you have allowed me to be all these wondrous and powerful creatures. I even asked you to make me the most powerful. Your answer was the wind. But, I have learned you are wrong because the wind is not most powerful. The wind cannot move mountains or the heaviest of rocks.”
God answered, “That is true, but I did not know that you would not mind being a rock… The rock is the pillar for my heaven. They form out of the earth and stretch all the way to the heavens. They cannot move because, if they were to move it would cause the heavens to collapse.”
The stonemason pleaded, “Make me one of those pillars. For the wind cannot shake the pillars of heaven.”
God said, “Are you sure? Once this transformation happens, you cannot change again?”
The stonemason responded, “Nothing would make me feel better, except showing you my appreciation by holding up your ceilings until eternity.” The All granted the stonemason this final wish. As the stonemason transformed into a large rock, he told the All, “thank you for making me the strongest object of your creation. Now, I know how life truly can be, besides being a weak little stonemason” A month past, when a large carriage picked up the huge rock. As the rock (stonemason) could not believe someone moved one of the All’s pillars, he felt a heavy chisel tear into the side of him. The stonemason saw ‘The Truth.’ As his son carved him into a statue of himself. His son screamed, “God, this is in honor of the greatest stonemason that ever lived, my father. You took him away one day in a carriage led by beautiful horses. I hope this beautiful statue of him will bring him back and bring peace to his soul.”

Conflict with Defining Freedom

What Freedom is to me??? I can tell you more what Freedom isn’t than what Freedom is… In my eyes, I’ve am not Free… Freedom is an extension of Love… And, Love is a different conversation entirely… Let’s get back to Freedom… My vision of Freedom… Is being detached from the world, but being attached to the world in all its beauty… Detached-attachment sounds contradictory, but it actually makes sense… You must come to terms that your complete environment is created by you… Sure, there are some elements that you don’t create because they are created by some other force. You must be able to create a world you wish to reside in, then let go of it after making that world… Freedom is a sense of no control over other subjects, and not allowing other subjects to control you… It sounds very crazy, but controlling an object places you under a force of control, which obstructs your freedom… You may be controlling it, but in a sense it is controlling you by holding your concentration… So, you must be able to create and cease control over creation… Most people believe that having the means and being able to create something is Freedom. Moreover, some people believe that being able to control a force shows that you are free… On the contrary, a desire to control other forces is created by a lack of freedom… A great quote to live by is
“No one is free if others are oppressed.”
—Andre 3000 of Outkast, ATLiens.
Paulo Friere devoted a complete book on examining the phenomenon of oppression, oppressive behavior, and how it is subconsciously taught to people. This book alone explains the oppressive origin of destructive behavior exhibited by people, who live in oppressive living conditions. So, freedom must not only recognize the perpetuation of oppression, but signal individuals whenever they are an oppressive force. Now, this draws man into a Pandora box because if you were truly free… Would you not need to monitor yourself for oppressive tendencies? So, freedom is self training until it is habitual… Many people believe monks are free… However, in their freedom from the earth, some are mentally captive because it is not habitual for them to “not desire.” So, being an individual controlled by desires shows one’s lack of freedom??? Or, being able to answer your desires at will show absolute freedom???
Imagine, if you could answer all your desires… Would you be free to pursue more meaningful deeds??? If extinguishing all your desires were possible, then would you come to the conclusion that freedom from all material things is your only desire??? I am plagued by this question everyday… I try to rationalize why I yearn to make money; why I like expensive jewelry, gadgets, and other toys… I negotiate a pact with myself on how to obtain these luxuries of life. I also battle with myself on giving up chasing after these material possessions and soothing my souls desires… But, what does my soul desire… I figured staying in school, furthering my education would be the answer… My soul does not desire institutionalized education… My soul desires freedom… But, I try to facilitate a free environment in school… I have been taught that all knowledge can be acquired from a book… I have been taught books free my mind… However, I become captive to the words on those pages… I get caught in those pages… In this literature prison, I wish for freedom like the thoughts that are created as I read those pages… I have even entered into open dialogues with people… I feel like conversations cause souls to dance together… In my conversations, I soon become the dominant party… I begin to inflict my free will and my free tongue onto the other parties… Conversations soon lead into becoming power struggles, which chain use to our views… What happened to freedom in those conversations? It just evaporates into nothingness…
Now, nothingness seems to be real freedom… And, why am I plagued with this question of “is nothingness the same as freedom?” I sit and stare into nothingness, but my mind becomes captive to my thoughts… My thoughts are usually filled with something… My thoughts encompass everything from ‘task I need to do’ to ‘things I want to do.’ I watch as this nothingness shackles me to the thoughts of action…
After I have rested for about an hour, I conclude that freedom is majestic… It is the unicorn we all chase after… Freedom is being able to reconcile your differences prior to a dialogue and engaging in a verbal dancing of the souls… It is being able to facilitate an exchange of all that binds us together in this world as a means of understanding ourselves… Freedom is action, which leads to a higher resolution of thought… With that thought, we usher in a greater action of self… It is being able to negotiate with the spirit on how to live… Better yet, it is being able to negotiate the question, “what to live for?”
Daily, I am in conflict with this abstract term called FREEDOM… One day, it will all make sense… And, maybe, I will possess it… All the situations, I have experienced lead me to this question in one way or another… If I had more time? If I had more money? If I would have chose this rather than that? It all leads back to my soul trying to grab freedom… I guess coming from a cultural background that has recently gained some civil freedoms, but still is under subtle oppression, I contemplate such a question…

Hip-Hop needs Ressurrection

I’ve died and hope to be resurrected… Maybe, Kanye can bring me back. Maybe, Jay-Z can bring me back. Mos forgot about me… Andre has moved on… I’m the new cotton for Black men with dreams of granduer… Those that have not learned the lessons of hard work. Who feed on braggadicio exploits of criminal activities, parties, capitalism and dehumanizing activities to those closest to our hearts (women). I’ve evolved from a chant, to the written word, to spoken verse and now to a money maker for those that don’t care about me… I am envious of myself and remain in beefs with TRUTH… I am Hip-Hop… I discovered you and the beauty we make… I have blinded your justice and made you think it is Just Us… I am bastardized in media… And, we know media is just as narcissistic as me… See– Hip-Hop has one “i” and Media… Sweet Media has an “i” and a “me.” And, us three desensitize you from the voice of righteous dissent… I’m pious in my own religion. Money is God… It’s true God is hardly seen, especially by those that are not free. God is sought after for things that are not free… Now, tell me money is not God… I’m Hip-Hop, the messiah for those that cannot play sports… So, young black boys- put on your Black Face and tap on the sand for all the whities to see… Coon it up in the glorious name of Hip-Hop… I’m the path to your God… I’m dead to ressurrect as you… Because in you I see the evil in me…