Ok. Ok. Ok. I like this song. I like the video. I appreciate Drake’s consistency with “Feel Sympathy for My Hubris” demeanor on all his songs and features. I also like the fact women sympathize for him while men try to empathize with him about his hubris. It is definitely a vicious cycle. Drake suffers from Affluenza- a portmanteau of affluence and influenza, is a term used by critics of consumerism. In layman terms, doing dumb sh!t because I’m rich and can’t help it. #RichBoyProblems 

Let’s get back to Hotline Bling. The Cosby Show vibe that I get from the video without the pills or make-believe family add to the song. The fact Hotline Bling is a throwback to cellphones blinging for incoming calls is hilarious. I guess Drake was feeling nostalgic about a girl from the Blinging Cellphone Era that fell off and earned a name for herself. After he left her and became rich and famous as a rapper not actor, what was a girl to do besides slum it?..

To cut to the chase, I added all the versions of Hotline Bling for your viewing enjoyment. Cheers…

Well, I’m linking you to all the covers that I like for the song. You’re welcome: Erykah BaduKianaWilliam SingeAnthony HamiltonJason Chen + Marié DigbyAmy Vachal, and the original.

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