My biggest fear was that the Policing powers in our flawed, yet beautiful country gained a martial law privilege through a grand jury precedent to conduct a fatal action against an unarmed assailant. These agents of the Law are not required to receive a public court examination for what potentially could be criminal behavior against the populace.

We are likely to see crimes involving Police streamlined through the Grand Jury process because this precedent eliminates any wrong doing by said officer during moments of apprehension because all precedents must be followed unless ruled as unlawful.

We just watched the play-by-play delivery of this martial law privilege be handed off to local law enforcement. Then, the populous’ peaceful and violent reactions in great splendor expressed pain and anger while not addressing the larger issues or attempting to chip one iota of power away from the powers that issued the precedent in full HD.

This grand jury precedent doesn’t benefit anyone in this country, except those that can execute it at will. Let’s put race aside, and work on fixing the new grand jury precedent, which gave policing powers a big inch that potentially can turn into an even bigger mile. We have very little government power as outside players, let’s not lose more of it. Let’s talk about solutions.

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