My ears have a love affair with podcasts. As an avid talk radio listener, podcasts put all my favorite shows at the touch of an icon. The Internet of Things allow my ears and brain to dance together to the words of intelligent, humorous, awkward, and beautiful stories and ideas. I jam out to the below podcasts.




Serial is an amazing narrative podcast. Week after week, Sarah Koenig had me captivated about a closed case that didn’t seem so closed. She interviews a majority of the people from the case. Sarah’s storytelling places the listener in the first-class compartment of her train of thought. It is an unraveling of a true murder mystery that supposedly wasn’t that mysterious.




The Combat Jack Show is an interview series. Reggie Osse guides your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper down memory lane until they run into the current mainstream. This is a very candid podcast that paints a very hyper-realistic picture of Rap and Hip-Hop culture. This is a historical record for supreme clientele.





Nerdist Writer’s Panel is inspiration for any writer. Ben Blacker is a writer that interviews other writers or panels of writers to discuss writing and writing techniques. The show covers comic books, TV, and film.





Chris Denson talks with people about their innovative projects and what makes them tick. His podcast covers all fields from social organizations to technology companies. Chris knows the true creators and taste makers of the innovative products.





Linda Holmes and crew talk about the pulse of Pop Culture. The discussions cover books, comic books, music, television, and film. Then, they always close with “What’s making you happy this week?” This is great for learning what the kids and the adults are feeling for the week.





This is my favorite podcast. Dan Carlin is a magnificent storyteller. He makes history entertaining. His prodigious understanding on the connection between historical events makes me want to study history.






Each week, Dan Carlin breaks down current events and hot button issues of the day. His non-partisan perspective on the socio-economic and political activities in the US will make you want to do detective work.





Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson breaks down Astrophysics to the smallest digestible molecules. I believe this is what Science classes need to be. Dr. Tyson is an amazing ma that breaks Science down for the layman in an entertaining and charming manner.





“Now, you’re fucking with the Champs.” Neil Brennan, Dave Chappelle’s ex-writing partner, and Moshe Kasher, comedian, bring up-and-coming Black comedians, rappers, and actors to talk about their lives. The chemistry between these two and any comedian is golden. This podcast is definitely a must listen.




Moshe Kasher hosts the Hound Tall discussion series. It is a live podcast exploring a single topic within an hour. He brings on an expert in a field with a panel of comedians. You can only imagine the discussion. I’ve been to a few and loved it.




Charlemagne Da God and Andrew Schultz have the most brilliant, yet idiotic or idiotic, yet brilliant conversations about everything. There is lots of dick-talk and special guests. If there isn’t a guest, the show isn’t as good. Within their formula of ignorance and wisdom, you get lots of comedy.



Jesse Thorn brings it! He has the best interviews with some of the most interesting guests. Jesse isn’t afraid to ask interesting questions. It all feels like it is on the fly and not highly produced. That is the charm of the podcast. Besides, Jesse has great tastes in music and entertainment. With every new episode, I learn something new.




StartUp inspires me. It makes me want to build and create forever. It is a podcast about starting Gimlet Media, a podcast company. Alex Blumberg, Lisa Chow, and the StartUp staff bring one of the highest quality, eargasmic podcast in the radio show and podcast industries. The entire podcast is about starting a company. Alex is quite open about the struggles and success. It illustrates that transparency is not a bad thing for a company.


2 thoughts on “CHARLES versus PODCAST MANIA (PART 1)”

  1. More for your list (if you haven’t tried them already).

    Planet Money
    TWiT – This Week in Tech
    MacBreak Weekly
    ​​​99% Invisible
    This American Life
    Science Vs.
    Fresh Air​
    Surprisingly Awesome
    Song Exploder
    IQ2 Debates
    Snap Judgement
    Dead Authors Podcast
    Rum, Rebeles, and Ratbags
    NPR Politics
    Bill Maher
    99% Invisible
    Planet Money

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