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My ears have a love affair with podcasts. As an avid talk radio listener, podcasts put all my favorite shows at the touch of an icon. The Internet of Things allow my ears and brain to dance together to the words of intelligent, humorous, awkward, and beautiful stories and ideas. I jam out to the below podcasts. Continue reading CHARLES versus PODCAST MANIA (PART 1)



My biggest fear was that the Policing powers in our flawed, yet beautiful country gained a martial law privilege through a grand jury precedent to conduct a fatal action against an unarmed assailant. These agents of the Law are not required to receive a public court examination for what potentially could be criminal behavior against the populace.

We are likely to see crimes involving Police streamlined through the Grand Jury process because this precedent eliminates any wrong doing by said officer during moments of apprehension because all precedents must be followed unless ruled as unlawful.

We just watched the play-by-play delivery of this martial law privilege be handed off to local law enforcement. Then, the populous’ peaceful and violent reactions in great splendor expressed pain and anger while not addressing the larger issues or attempting to chip one iota of power away from the powers that issued the precedent in full HD.

This grand jury precedent doesn’t benefit anyone in this country, except those that can execute it at will. Let’s put race aside, and work on fixing the new grand jury precedent, which gave policing powers a big inch that potentially can turn into an even bigger mile. We have very little government power as outside players, let’s not lose more of it. Let’s talk about solutions.



It is so passé to mention how “your” haters are hindering you from doing “you” in life. So, you combat them by doing “you” to an extreme level. Maybe, these “haters” are observing some self-inflicted wounds and are trying to help?

If doing “you” is not advancing your station in life, and you are always talking about the exquisite lifestyle that you want to live. Maybe, you should do someone else or just do better. There is no hate in that. There is nothing special about doing “you” when the system is designed to discard individuals for ceasing to do better. Society waits for no one and definitely does not need anyone. It only needs better and progress.

You are focused on the wrong things if you are only doing “you.” You should be focused on doing better. Everyone will notice”you” if you are doing better. There is no reason to call attention to one’s self– “you,” unless you are doing better than those observing.




Like the protected books, plays, and movies that preceded them, video games communicate ideas — and even social messages — through many familiar literary devices (such as characters, dialogue, plot, and music) and through features distinctive to the medium (such as the player’s interaction with the virtual world). That suffices to confer First Amendment protection.        — Justice Scalia

Let me soapbox on a subject that has become popular in the 24-hour news cycle’s sensationalism- games and physical violence. I understand both perspectives and respect all the logical arguments. Yes, I know everything that we experience in life does have an influence on us. Yes, I know videogames are not the soul offender for all the violence that has occurred since the beginning of man. Neither argument is fully persuasive and with our limited knowledge of the brain Continue reading CHARLES versus VIDEO GAMES + VIOLENCE

Synthesized Beauty

“Now if you wanna synthesize, I empathize. If you wanna synthesize, I empathize” — Andre 3000, Synthesizer.

Our current reality is a perverse equivalent to Alice and Wonderland. We live in a world where our evils, flaws, and insecurities can be shielded or showcased by our personal appearances or actions. For example, people mutilate themselves for beauty’s sake, mask the self-hate of their physical form and their own physical insecurities. Our crooked media praises the morbid physical alterations that keep one looking youthful and beautiful. Furthermore, many popular professions such as photographers, graphic artists, retouch artists, make-up artists, etc. receive a king’s ransom for upholding the charade and contributing to the false sense of beauty that is perverting the minds of the young. We as general media consumers fall for the sham by worshipping the ill-gotten gains that go with immortalizing youth. We also join the media lynch mobs that place our most prized celebrities in towers of power to later burn them down. We plaster images of Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, and any other hapless celebrity in a bikini with cellulite thighs on tabloids to disgrace them for being human. We as consumers have turned celebrity into demigod ism. We need to understand that our celebrities are humans. They aren’t mutants that become immortal when the magic of a digital camera captures their image or a digital audio tape records their voice. They age, they change, they make mistakes, they are successful, and they live life. 
We idolize the false demigod ism we place on them in hopes of attaining it ourselves. This is the true sickness of our hideous nature. We worship the lies that our celebrities live. These celebrities in fear of falling out of the good graces of the multimedia monstrous public opinion. They even join in the church of the damned evangelism that beauty is equivalent to true power and righteousness. That is why we have young ladies willing to pay for a J-Lo booty or Kim Kardasian ass, Angelina Jolie lips, Christina Milian’s abs, or Halle Berry nose. We have boys getting calf implants, penis implants, liposuction. We mutilate ourselves to mimic individuals that didn’t even want to be revered as gods, but as their professions describe them- actors, actresses, singers, dancers, entertainers, and humans.
Luckily, we have some great super villains that want to expose the fallacy of super celebrity perfection. Please look at the images below.

Riots in the Street

Peace my lovely people,

I’m going to bless everyone with a Happy year (new and old).  We all should strive to be angels searching for wings to soar to heaven. As a free spirited person, I have been tormented by an incident in Oakland on New Year’s day. Oscar Grant, a young brother waiting for the BART at Fruitvale Station, was killed execution style laying 
face down on the platform floor. Shortly thereafter after, video recordings of this heinous act surfaced across national news.

As I watched the shooting over and over on Youtube, I vented to Johnny Cakes, my cousin, how Oscar could have been us or any loved one in our lives. My optimism for a great 2009 was shattered like a mirror falling from a 20 story building when I watched his body jerk to the initial shock of the bullet entering his body. It hit so close to home. I felt connected to him in his final moment thinking, “These cops are going to beat my ass. How am I going to explain to my mother, my daughter’s mother, and my daughter why daddy got worked over by some cops on New Years.” As that thought with a million other thoughts probably flashed through his mind while laying face down with a knee in the back of his neck and handcuffs cutting through his wrist, he never would have thought the individuals hired to protect our lives would take his for no apparent reason. Not to say Oscar is innocent of any wrongdoing in his life, but no man deserves the death that he received and no family deserves the pain, fear, regret, and humiliation when seeing their son, brother, cousin, lover, and father slain on a dirty subway floor over and over again on all media outlets from Youtube to CNN.
I know our police are not not empowered to protect the citizens of a country, but to protect the country from the citizens. However, they should not exercise excessive force to prove to the citizens that it is country first. Their arrogance that the country will protect them from the people has spiraled out of control over the last 20 years. 
We are citizens trapped in a cage of fear from outsiders that view the U.S. as a monster and from monsters threatening our lives on the inside. Ex-officer Johannes Mehserle, 27, will not serve the sentence of a civilian murderer. He will more than likely get reprimanded, jailed for a few years, and released to carry a gun for some security agency. Ex-officer Mehserle will live with the thought of cutting some one’s lifeline short forever. I don’t think that thought is enough. Even though, I wish devilish torment on his soul for his action, I know monsters like him do not cast a second thought on their actions to those people for whom they have no respect and care fore and deem lesser individuals. The moral of the story is to be strong, value your moments on this Earth, and avoid the monsters that live amongst us with no laws.
My energy goes out to those living in fear and pain due to this tragic event and the hundreds of unreported or under reported nightmarish police acts that occur every year in this American dream. May we all wake-up one day to a reality better than the one we went to sleep with. I’m sure Oscar’s family will heal with time and I hope Ex-officer Mehserle will never heal for his crime. It may sound harsh, but I’m only human in my emotions. Our country should employ and empower police that love and cherish the people that they serve and recognize brute force is the last result.
There I go dreaming about a better America… The last king died telling his dream. So, I will keep mine to myself. Love you all.

Change is Gonna Come…

Good Morning Ladies and Gents,

Yes, I said it. Good Morning. Because this is your wake-up call from C. Babb. For all you that know me, I’m probably one of the most complex people that you know. I contradict my own contradictions. I’m artistically inclined, yet not artistically influenced. I will love and hate things at the same time. I have never been one to impress people or try to impress people. Frankly, I don’t care about the opinions of other people. I never have and I never will.

I’m “me” in all my grandiouse flaws. I’m perfected imperfection. I’m a complete being looking for the next great adventure. I’m restless. It worries my mother to the brink of insanity that I’m restless. It bewilders my father. It loses my brother, That I’m always seeking something new; that I’m always in search of…; or chasing… As a preditorial animal, I’m always on the hunt. The end goal is success and settling for success isn’t enough. So, this letter is my pledge to all of those that feel the need to tell me to slow down, settle down, get down, stand down, or any other down in the English language.

WAKE UP! For the first thirty years of my life, I’ve never stood down from a challenge. Matter of fact, I look for challenges in the midst of conquering one. I’m not a worker bee in a factory. I don’t follow orders well. I am not naive to what the world holds for an adventurous young lad such as myself. I see no reason to hold onto relationships that pass to-and-fro in the natural course of life. I’m selfish with my own selfless existence and careless about everyone else’s selfish notions on life. That opinion doesn’t mean I don’t care about my loved ones (friends and family). I just wish them the best spirits and hope they are blessed in their decisions. Even though they question my motives for living and doing things, I do not bite back and question their motives for not doing the things that I’m trying to do. I have learned Complaceny isn’t good, nor bad. It is a state of being that some people choose to be living in.

So what my lifestyle isn’t traditional. Who cares that I haven’t settled down in Lexington, Kentucky with some beautiful woman that is willing to mother my understanding. I told my mother. I may not be a biological father. But, I’m definitely a spiritual and mental father. I birth good energy. I birth great ideas and dreams. I raise my ideas like children. I hope they grow into something greater than me.

Now, that is why I live! I live to leave children behind that are intangible and legendary. That will flourish and continue to grow even after my biological grandchildren die. My biggest issue to date is getting my children to play together. In order for them to do that, they will need to change and mature. They need to see how they are connected to one another. Teaching my ideas to play together and learn from one another has become my fulltime job. It is difficult. It is time-consuming. So, when I hear my family say that I’m spending too much time on myself. Or, I spend too much time on my dreams and ideas. I laugh. I snicker. I giggle. I grin. I overstand that they do not view ideas and dreams like I do. That is why no explanation can be given to get them to “under”stand my higher thought. I will try to explain for those that are listening.

I treat my ideas and dreams like my children. I parent them. For those with children, you recognize how much care that a child needs. As my children grow, I have to grow in order to continually be involved in their development. Now, I’m at an invincible stage in my life. I’m not afraid to motivate and inspire my ideas to grow and become bigger, brighter, better, and more brilliant. I am a dedicated father. I’m focused on their successful launch in the “real” world. I know these ideas will comfort me in my times of loneliness. They will take care of me when I’m old. They will be the remnants of my existence. So, I cradle them. I cherish them. I cultivate them. I do all this, in hopes that my present children (dreams and ideas) will take care of my unborn children.

For my unborn children, I build institutions for you. I experience life for you. I learn things for you. I ignore the complaints and cries of my family and friends for you. In final hours, I know my children will care for me in the same manner I care for them. So, my constant changes in life are to elevate the existence of all that
I birth- physically, mentally and spiritually. That is why Change is Gonna Come is my mantra, and not my curse.