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It is so passĂ© to mention how “your” haters are hindering you from doing “you” in life. So, you combat them by doing “you” to an extreme level. Maybe, these “haters” are observing some self-inflicted wounds and are trying to help?

If doing “you” is not advancing your station in life, and you are always talking about the exquisite lifestyle that you want to live. Maybe, you should do someone else or just do better. There is no hate in that. There is nothing special about doing “you” when the system is designed to discard individuals for ceasing to do better. Society waits for no one and definitely does not need anyone. It only needs better and progress.

You are focused on the wrong things if you are only doing “you.” You should be focused on doing better. Everyone will notice”you” if you are doing better. There is no reason to call attention to one’s self– “you,” unless you are doing better than those observing.


Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.

— Ralph Wald Emerson

For those near and dear to me, they know I am fascinated with the Human condition. As a born and bred anthropologist, I have always analyzed humans not only on macro scale, also on a micro scale. I love researching, experimenting, analyzing, and critiquing the human condition. My anthropological interest combined with my art and design loves birth a great imaginative understanding of myself coexisting in the universe. As a purveyor of interactive entertainment, I’ve fallen into the habit of studying other artists’ declarations and pontifications exclaimed through their works- music, television, film, and video games. I intensely examine entertainment for the minutia that can be applied to life in a major way. When watching LCD or the silver screen, I habitually search for the characters’ souls trapped within the fiction. If the writers are great craftspeople, then it is easy to grasp the characters’ complexity and essence during the most trivial activities and dialogue. Within moments, these fictitious modern artifacts postulate a reason for appreciation. Continue reading CHARLES versus ARI BASS

Skills speaks on it…

Song Writing

Recently, two friends of mine asked that I write them songs. My friend from Canada is a classic jazz singer with a nightingale voice. The other is sultry soulful singer with the voice of a warming voice. The dilemma I’m having is that I do not write songs. Hell, I don’t listen to enough “sung” music to construct a solid and cohesive verse. Even after years of floating around in musical circles, I haven’t been inspired to construct a song.

I’m reading lyrics after lyrics of great song writers. Wow, I’m impressed with the beauty of songs. I just wonder whatever happened to great song writing? Maybe, if we improve song writing standards, then we may be able to improve the quality of singing from today’s so-called vocalist.