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My biggest fear was that the Policing powers in our flawed, yet beautiful country gained a martial law privilege through a grand jury precedent to conduct a fatal action against an unarmed assailant. These agents of the Law are not required to receive a public court examination for what potentially could be criminal behavior against the populace.

We are likely to see crimes involving Police streamlined through the Grand Jury process because this precedent eliminates any wrong doing by said officer during moments of apprehension because all precedents must be followed unless ruled as unlawful.

We just watched the play-by-play delivery of this martial law privilege be handed off to local law enforcement. Then, the populous’ peaceful and violent reactions in great splendor expressed pain and anger while not addressing the larger issues or attempting to chip one iota of power away from the powers that issued the precedent in full HD.

This grand jury precedent doesn’t benefit anyone in this country, except those that can execute it at will. Let’s put race aside, and work on fixing the new grand jury precedent, which gave policing powers a big inch that potentially can turn into an even bigger mile. We have very little government power as outside players, let’s not lose more of it. Let’s talk about solutions.

To kill over our fictional belief system

I will blog about this later. As an adult, I’m still coming to terms with how we are able to kill those who haven’t experienced enough to formulate their own ideas and beliefs for our ideas and beliefs.


This is the America I Know…

I have many friends that do not understand why I believe soon-to-be President Obama has a slim of winning the election with such an extraordinary lead in the polls. Moreover, many do not understand why I believe his life or his family members’ lives are at stake. Even with secret service protection, it would only take a single bullet to kill him. Let, me drop the “soon-to-be” to just President. President Obama is not a man to cower from a threat. He would stand on podiums across the nation to speak about how to improve America. He is very outspoken and realizes that his life is more in dangered here than in the streets of Afghanistan. He is not only making history, but he understands History’s lessons. If history teaches us anything, it is any man can get killed even the most loved and the most protected. I know President Obama would rather die doing good, then hiding in the confines of the White House. Right now, let’s send out good spirits to President Obama that he is protected from evil doers seeking his demise.

President Obama may be the least likely target to get shot after the announcement Tuesday night. There are rumors of White supremacists’ organizations coming together to bring down this “nigger” threat to American freedom by forcing him to voluntarily resign. Now, if something is forced, then it damn sure isn’t voluntary. This is an oxymoron worth examining. These hateful organizations are devising a plan to not assassinate President Obama, but to kill innocent African-Americans every hour after the election until he resigns from the presidential post. They recognized that getting to him will be almost impossible. Thus, it would be easier to pick other low-profiled targets such as us everyday working African-Americans. They believe the randomized mass murdering across the country will send a fearful shock through America. This shock will cause an uproar which would force a resignation by President Obama in order to save “his” people. What makes it even worse some of these individuals believe or know that killing “unimportant niggers” will lead to minimum jail time if any because they are doing White America a service by killing random “niggers” to stop the reign of terror of a Black president. Moreover, they believe White police will automatically go after Black males for being the suspects of these innocent people because Blacks are the only people that care enough to kill other Blacks. These guys also think an “American” judge would look at their murderous acts as acts for patriotism and acquit them of any crimes because they were stopping terrorism in our homeland. The targets of these White Supremacists range from wealthy Blacks to poor and homeless Blacks. I would advise everyone to be prepared and alert for any suspicious vehicles in your area. Remember, to a White supremacist all other races are terrorists.

Since a ignorant vice-president nominee who shall not be named said that “Obama is palling around with terrorists” in her rally speeches. It only verifies the suspicions of White supremacists. These supremacists believe that every race is trying to steal their country by banning together. This will be their motives to kill innocent Blacks. Place yourself in their mindset, “if their most revered nigger is palling around with terrorists, then they all must be palling around with them. Let’s get them before they get us.” These ignorant individuals now have a reason to hunt down Blacks and other Brown people for being affiliated with terrorists. This wicked vice president nominee unapologetically instigated White racist retaliation against minorities by insinuating a conspiracy theory that President Obama and his supporters (mostly Blacks) are in cahoots with Brown terrorists to kill off good White people. She seriously added fuel to the fire and placed any minority that supports President Obama at risk of being killed by some racist crazy.

I can only imagine looking down the barrel of an assault rifle on my way to work, and hearing, “You nigger. You damn terrorists lover. I’m gonna kill you and everyone that looks like you.” I’m not afraid to be in that position. But, I wish this ignorant vice-president nominee didn’t charge the batteries of any paranoid white supremacist looking for a reason to start the anticipated “race” war.

My brothers and sisters, if this rumor is true. We need to be steadfast and be prepared that some African-Americans may be causalities in the war against racism in America. We should not retaliate in riots. Nor, should we encourage President Obama to step down from his post if this countdown murdering spree starts at midnight on Wednesday, November 5th. 2008. If these racist White lunatics decide to line the streets with Black blood, then we need to be prepared and alert. If this is our darkest hour, let us continue to shine like the stars that the runaway slaves would follow to freedom.

For those that doubt these rumors could ever be true please watch the following video.

It Is Almost Time…

When Secretary of State and Gen. Colin Powell speaks everyone should listen

I couldn’t have said it better. It is like Colin Powell was reading my mind. We do not need more conservative judges on the Supreme Court. The Republican Party haas become freedoms terrorists or social evolution terrorists. What are they conserving anyway? 
Obama has found a new spokesperson.

It is Time

Hello Friends, Family, and Strangers,

After seeing this, I think it is time for a change. I’m too disappointed in the general public to discuss the picture at this moment. I will write about this image later. But, a picture paints a thousand words. This one gives us a million reasons to vote for Barack Obama. In the mortal words of Sam Cooke, “Change is gonna come.”

The Barack Warm-up