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My biggest fear was that the Policing powers in our flawed, yet beautiful country gained a martial law privilege through a grand jury precedent to conduct a fatal action against an unarmed assailant. These agents of the Law are not required to receive a public court examination for what potentially could be criminal behavior against the populace.

We are likely to see crimes involving Police streamlined through the Grand Jury process because this precedent eliminates any wrong doing by said officer during moments of apprehension because all precedents must be followed unless ruled as unlawful.

We just watched the play-by-play delivery of this martial law privilege be handed off to local law enforcement. Then, the populous’ peaceful and violent reactions in great splendor expressed pain and anger while not addressing the larger issues or attempting to chip one iota of power away from the powers that issued the precedent in full HD.

This grand jury precedent doesn’t benefit anyone in this country, except those that can execute it at will. Let’s put race aside, and work on fixing the new grand jury precedent, which gave policing powers a big inch that potentially can turn into an even bigger mile. We have very little government power as outside players, let’s not lose more of it. Let’s talk about solutions.


Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.

— Ralph Wald Emerson

For those near and dear to me, they know I am fascinated with the Human condition. As a born and bred anthropologist, I have always analyzed humans not only on macro scale, also on a micro scale. I love researching, experimenting, analyzing, and critiquing the human condition. My anthropological interest combined with my art and design loves birth a great imaginative understanding of myself coexisting in the universe. As a purveyor of interactive entertainment, I’ve fallen into the habit of studying other artists’ declarations and pontifications exclaimed through their works- music, television, film, and video games. I intensely examine entertainment for the minutia that can be applied to life in a major way. When watching LCD or the silver screen, I habitually search for the characters’ souls trapped within the fiction. If the writers are great craftspeople, then it is easy to grasp the characters’ complexity and essence during the most trivial activities and dialogue. Within moments, these fictitious modern artifacts postulate a reason for appreciation. Continue reading CHARLES versus ARI BASS


I’ve always been of sound mind, and understand the values of self-determination and identity. I know whatever pet names, nicknames, or surnames that you use to refer to yourself in public dictates how everyone else addresses you in public. It kills me to hear Black folks swear up and down with “nigger” littered throughout their sentences, even when it isn’t necessary. These same individuals get upset when someone outside of their ethnic group address them as “Nigger.” Nigger has never been a term of endearment for me. It will never be a term of endearment for me. With these “I use nigger ’cause I’m cool” Blacks, it upsets me that they live in a fantasy fabricated world that grants them the power to stop people from calling them nigger when they repeatedly use the word. If you can call yourself that, then everyone else will. Brother Ali nails down my thoughts of the word.

People’s Champ

One thing that I learned in life is that you cannot be everything to everyone. So, I have taken it upon myself to be the People’s Champ! Now, as the champion of the people, I only have to be me. That means at times the people will love me and at other times they will hate me. I just have to be authentic to my charge of representing the people. You may ask who are these anonymous people that I represent? Well, I represent the in-betweeners… The people that are not street, but understand street tactics. Those individuals that know the ink from a scholar is stronger than the blood of a martyr. These are the one’s that don’t shop by brand, but shop for taste. That know a single dollar is more than 3 candy bars at Ralph’s or a bean burrito at Taco Bell. I represent people that love to travel, that love to stick out while fitting in, that are not bothered by other people’s opinions and strive for the best in themselves… I represent those that don’t have a voice, those that are shawdowed by the media stereocast (stereotype + typecast) and that are ashamed of their own holding onto the stereotypes like a badge of honor.

Yeah, I know proclaiming myself the “People’s Champ” is the most absurd thing I’ve done in a long time. Observing the current state of affairs, someone has to do it. Someone has to be the champion of the people. I mean, I left the sunny isles of Hawaii to be among those of my color… And, what I learned is that they are not of my kind… My focus as the people’s champ is not obligated to those of my color like my forefathers of generations passed. My obligation is those that shed all the negativity bestowed upon them by outside forces, those that challenge the day’s assumptions, those that question the validity of fact and those that defy the law…. I will champion that mindset by focusing more energy into informing and prospering in all activities. I know, I know- prosperity is a self-gratification element. But, honestly, who doesn’t want to be prosperous? Hell, even the Dali Lama is prosperous! Why shouldn’t I? Because I’m the people’s champ… The People’s Champ should be prosperous on his or her own merit… I’m not trying to be an evangelist exploiting those that relinquish all their power to a higher being. I’m just showing what happens when you will power to become a higher force.

Enough of the preaching. My initial steps as the People’s Champ is to explain what in the hell am I doing with my life… First off, I have an independent music tour company in the works… It reaches beyond music into other art forms and trendsetting… I am working in conjunction with two highly talented individuals that recognize that “we” are not being entertained our fairly represented in entertainment. Secondly, I’m working with this keen artist (graphic, photo and film) on developing a television show. We have the ball moving… Please, ladies check out … We are building a brand… We need all the female support in the world. And, lastly, my total brainchild… DMC… I would tell you all what DMC means, but it is not ready… There is a piece of my soul lost in those three initials… I will bear who and what I am in that company… It will die with me leaving behind treasures for the world… Now, that is propaganda…. In the upcoming year, I will try to unapolgetically bash people over the head with some quality edutainment… I will enlighten, entertain and enrich you with these three projects… That is what the PEOPLE’S CHAMP does! He ENLIGHTENS, ENTERTAINS AND ENRICHES!

Meglomanicism 101 and Narcissism 101 is brought to you by THE ORIGINAL. What do you expect from someone that calls himself “The Original.”