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It is so passé to mention how “your” haters are hindering you from doing “you” in life. So, you combat them by doing “you” to an extreme level. Maybe, these “haters” are observing some self-inflicted wounds and are trying to help?

If doing “you” is not advancing your station in life, and you are always talking about the exquisite lifestyle that you want to live. Maybe, you should do someone else or just do better. There is no hate in that. There is nothing special about doing “you” when the system is designed to discard individuals for ceasing to do better. Society waits for no one and definitely does not need anyone. It only needs better and progress.

You are focused on the wrong things if you are only doing “you.” You should be focused on doing better. Everyone will notice”you” if you are doing better. There is no reason to call attention to one’s self– “you,” unless you are doing better than those observing.



As I stare into the speakers projecting some of the most prolific wordplay from The Almighty, I wonder who values a deep conversation about the wordsmiths hammering the words together over a bass-laden anvil. My conclusion is as follows…

I will no longer entertain the casual Rap music listeners opinionated debates/disputes with me on “what constitutes great rap music or great rappers or dope producers.” If you have not put in a minimum of 10,000 hours of active, critically analytical listening of a variety of rappers (nationally distributed and independent) and have not studied the history of lyrical and Hip-Hop production development and revolution/evolution since Rap’s creation, then you are only speaking from a casual and limited knowledge base on the Art. I do have a very opinionated and invested understanding of Rap. I will try my best to address the casual listener’s arguments and opinions.

However, casual listener’s opinions are valuable from an appeal and emotional standpoint. Nonetheless, that opinion is not critical enough to fully understand the argument that I or my cohort would present about the topics on Rap. We look for challenge to our opinions to be solidly based and backed by “opinionated” facts. The casual listener’s perspective on rap lyrics and art of rapping usually plateaus on words on top of a rhythmic beat to make a song about any number of topics. However, the scholar or practitioner of Rap music sees lyrics as mathematical equation or science in developing musical composition to manipulate the psychology and mental constructs of the listener. I reiterate, I rather debate my opinions with (a) trained and expert rappers and producers (people that have proactively studied and practiced the art for 10,000 hours or more) and (b) people that have studied and invested in Rap like they were writing a dissertation on the Art and Science behind it.

I now view the casual Rap music lover’s opinion similar to a person that loves watching Grey’s Anatomy, The Mob Doctor, Childrens Hospital or any documentary style medical show on TLC/Discovery Channels’ opinion (majority of the population) while the expert Rap music lover is similar to a PhD/MD that continually studies, evolves, and contributes to the Art and Science of Medicine and Biology.

Both, casual listeners and experts, can have respected opinions, be lovers and haters of it, even share in loving and hating some aspects. But, their overall opinions on Rap will usually be from different perspectives and knowledge bases.

Design and Brand

For the last quarter-century, I’ve fell in love with brands and designs…
The moment that I could differentiate toys- the authentic Transformers from the knockoffs, I fell in love with brands. The day that I knew that Star Wars action figures lived in a different world than my He-Man action figures. Yet, they all could coexist in a world called my imagination. A brand lives in the imagination. Intuitively, we all know what a brand is. It’s far more than a logo, a physical form, a permeated manifestation. And it’s beyond the creation of an object, product, service, idea, or institution. A brand is the connection of our souls to this world, which guides us to build and categorize understanding. It lives in the minds and hearts of individuals and travels along the brainwaves and higher frequencies of the soul. It is birthed from stories and experiences that, over time, create feelings that are the catalyst of understanding. When enough people share those feelings, the brand comes to life. It becomes an apparition of our collective consciousness that haunts are longings. Continue reading Design and Brand

Life and Debt – Globalization and Jamaica

Utilizing excerpts from the award-winning non-fiction text “A Small Place” by Jamaica Kincaid, Life & Debt is a woven tapestry of sequences …all » Utilizing excerpts from the award-winning non-fiction text “A Small Place” by Jamaica Kincaid, Life & Debt is a woven tapestry of sequences focusing on the stories of individual Jamaicans whose strategies for survival and parameters of day-to-day existence are determined by the U.S. and other foreign economic agendas. By combining traditional documentary telling with a stylized narrative framework, the complexity of international lending, structural adjustment policies and free trade will be understood in the context of the day-to-day realities of the people whose lives they impact.

Pangea Day

Documentary filmmaker Jehan Noujaim (Control Room; was one of three recipients of the TED prize, an annual award given out at the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference to individuals whose works have a powerful and positive impact on society.

Recipients of the award are given $100,000 and the chance to ask for help from the TED community comprised of leaders in business, science, politics and the arts to work on achieving one grand wish to change the world.

Noujaim asked them to help her create Pangea Day, an international film day for short films contributed by people from around the world to be simultaneously broadcasted in several cities around the world. The film day is to give people an opportunity to witness life through the eyes of someone else.

The announcement calling for film submissions asked: “If you had the entire world’s attention for just a few minutes, what story would you tell?”

Over 1,000 films poured into Pangea Day’s office, and on May 10th the Pangea Day program of selected films as well as speakers and music will be videoconferenced in movie theaters, parks and other public venues in Cairo, Dharamsala, Kigali, London, New York City, Ramallah, Rio de Janeiro, and Tel Aviv. The program will also be broadcast at numerous private gatherings.

You can take action and be a part of history in the making by signing up to host a private gathering at the Pangea Day web site. Today at TED, actress Goldie Hawn, who is on the Pangea Day advisory board, discussed the project. A trailer was also released (first video below). The second video below was released when the project was first announced.

The Short Bus, I Mean "Month"

Carter G. Woodson’s Black History Month is relegated to the “special” month of February. February is like the short-bus in a long line of school buses. No one wants to ride it, except the “special” people. Considering the wealth of our lovely nation was gained on the back of slave labor. Yes, I said it. Because I know the economic principle that it takes money to make money. The middle class White families that were capable of building a plantation filled with African free labor got rich real fast. Imagine owning a corporation without all the employee cost. For all you business education deficient individuals, employee cost is the most expensive cost for any and all businesses. As a result of eliminating that cost, middle class Whites were able to use the money saved from paying employees to get rich and grow wealthy. The fabric of this lustrous country was stitched together by the souls from Africa. Now, think America’s golden fleece was made from the skin of broken spirited Africans.

For celebration of my ancestors’ hard work, the Federal Government allowed us to acknowledge the destruction of our African culture and the creation of our American culture in the “special” month of February. Thank you America for all you have done. I’ve noticed how you have changed over the years. Even today, the most hated White man, George W. Bush, has less secret service security than the most loved Black man, Barack Obama. To say in layman terms, America is so racist that the most hated White man is safer than the most loved Black man, go’figure? Now to the purpose of this post.

In an initiative to promote and create awareness about black history month, WRG? and Series Skateboards created a crossword puzzle using the names of 20 world class black skaters to answer online. The collaboration leaves the online world with the Series skateboard package featuring a 7-ply Canadian maple deck, a limited edition poster and a metallic silver Sharpie package. Only 100 packages were produced, and are available now at

The Faithfully Blind

From man’s humble beginning, we have always had an intrinsic ability to place our faith into things that we just don’t quite understand. We explain our unexplainable actions and rationale on unseen inspiration. As we evolved as animals, mankind has been able to better justify their rationale by infusing theory, proof, and validation through investigation and research. At times, we do not relegate our best judgment to deductive reasoning and research. We go out on a limb and say, our rationale is based on divine inspiration. With this divine inspiration, we usually believe other people should blindly follow it with us. I am one that does not deny divine inspiration, but I would say that only the most spiritually intuitive people are divinely inspired. It just so happens that most “divinely” inspired people do not believe in the powers of good intuition. Furthermore, these individuals look down on the powers of intuition. Most of them believe intuition is of our sinful nature; therefore, it cannot be involved with divine inspiration. They believe divine inspiration needs to be fueled with faith in order to convince others to approve and support this inspiration.

This leads me to the reason I post this for your eyes. Faith is having confidence and trust in a belief that cannot be proven or a belief that is not based on a proof. Blind means unwilling or unable to perceive or understand. Combine blindness with faith, and you have the ugliest creation conjured in a man’s head- Blind Faith. Blind Faith is a double dose of ignorance. It causes more mistakes than are deemed humanly possible. People in their slothful behavior would rather guess a solution, instead of properly trying to solve a problem through deductive reasoning. A little bit of knowledge causes a lot of damage. Nonetheless, a whole lot of ignorance causes irreversible damage. Peep the story.

One of my brothers told me that his minister told the congregation that he had a vision to do missions in Thailand to shutdown sweatshops. He asked his church to place their blind faith in him because this vision came from God Almighty. This church went to Thailand and had female sweatshops closed down. They celebrated that God led them to free these poor little girls in Thailand. However, these little girls needed to work in order to support their families, so they went into the booming sex industry. These girls are no longer working 12 hours at five dollars a day, which isn’t a lot in Thai baht to working 24 hours a day at three dollars a day as a sex-slave to a disease-infested sadistic perverse foreigner. The church did not realize that some of these factories were created not to just exploit the people as cheap labor, but a means to safely keep the women off the streets. Historically, every patriarchal society has underpaid women, so why would Thailand be any different? This minister’s main issue was that the women were so much more underpaid than the men working in the fields that it would be in the best interest of the women to not work if they are not being paid the same wages as the men fainting under the Thai sun in the fields. If he was really concerned with underpaid women, then he wouldn’t have to look any further than his church congregation. But, he had blind faith that God told him to go into Thailand with no International Development skills or industry development skills to solve the problem. It is always the church’s burden to help people deemed important to health through blind faith and divine inspiration. The church misanalysed the problem. The problem isn’t that the factories existed, it is that they were maintained at sweatshop levels. The church should of went into Thailand to improve the working conditions of the factories and the living conditions of the people according to their needs assessment and lifestyle. Instead, they eliminated one problem to create an even worse problem. To make matters worse, the minister feels no obligation to correct the new problem of these women entering the sex industry because God did not give him a vision to stop eliminate the sex industry! What a crackpot! Who in the world creates a problem and refuses to solve it because they did not get divine inspiration. What happened to the blind faith this minister had to help these people? Does it stop after so-called solving a problem to birth an even worse problem?

I’m not saying faith is a bad thing. We need faith in order to achieve what has not been achieved. For example, we believe that if we live a healthy life, then we will have a reduction in health problems. We have faith in our ability to attain success, wealth, and happiness in a world that doesn’t share much of them. However, this faith is based on some fact, some proof, some evidence, something that is given to us that validates our assumptions. However, blind faith is deadly and dangerous.

In short, I believe blind faith kills the innocent while allowing the guilty to feel guiltless. Those that lead a life based on blind faith will never be innocent.