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It is time to reflect over your year. Today is the day that you think about all the people that contribute to your life in some meaningful way. Acquaintances, friends, and families meet at the matriarch’s house to share in an abundance of food.

As bellies fill with food, I hope the souls are nourished by the company of friends and family. Make lots of grand moments and fond memories today.

Dear Winter

Peace Everyone,

Fourth quarter is around the bend and Winter is about to set like the sun over a prairie. I had the fortunate privilege to get feedback on my blog from someone near and dear to my heart, my brother. He read through my now defunct blog, He talked about how personal that site was. I tried to explain to him that I had my audience divided between two blogs. No one has time to read two blogs written by one person. Or three Charles Babb blogs if we were to include So, I consolidated The Saint of Sinners and The Littlest Giant. As it appears, I have not been honoring the Littlest Giant’s objective on the Saint of Sinner’s blog, which is to constantly express my thoughts, ideas, and philosophies. I have closed that door and given into fueling the blog with my vices to the seven deadly sins. So for those individuals, who love me for my thoughts, I apologize for not sharing them lately. With that note, here are some of my free flowing thoughts.

Charles Babb was born in June before the sun was sitting in its high noon chair begging to be fed the energies of the world. Charles has a facinationwith world and what makes it whole and complete. But, nothing fascinates him more and brings him joy like hearing the voices of those that have supported him on his path. These voices sculpted his heart and pumped life in his concrete heart-strings. He was once doomed to a life of fame and popularity, but he chose the enlightened path of academia and experience. He has always managed to be the Jack of All Trades and Ace of a few in his journey. Even in third person, Charles has managed to captivate an audience with a few words and a smile. He flirts with life, death, women, and wealth. He is calculated in all he does including his spontaneous combustion. He is a complex man that can be simply explained. Charles no longer wants to the greatest man alive bearing the dreams and hopes of the masses; he wants to be the most interesting man to inspire the masses to dream and hope for themselves. Charles is the personification of interesting. He has strong ambition, he is over-zealous in his work ethic, and a prideful perfectionists, and slightly left of being an egoist narcissist. He is humble. He doesn’t just jump out with his resume on his sleeve. But, Charles will spew all kinds of things about many of life’s facets without missing a beat. His breadth of knowledge is on-par with any learned man, but his choices of expressing this knowledge is beyond the understanding of the world’s best philosophers and wisemen. Charles is a scientist. He is a scientist of making life’s gifts and curses work in his favor. No opportunity is missed with him and no mistakes are not corrected.

Now, back to first person. What you have read is my revered opinion of myself. But, that opinion would have never been formulated if it were not for the greatness of those around me. My family is wonderful. I’m sure you are saying the same thing about your family. But, my family is truly wonderful. From the most outstanding great uncle to the misfit and misunderstood cousins, I’m birthed to two loving parents that were raised by earnest and honest people. My immediate and distant relatives are “good people.” They understand the value of hard work and they express it through action. You will not hear a parent ever tell their children to work hard in my family because they show them through example. They show them love, which teaches them how to love. Yes, my parents are the epitome of love. A couple that has been together since puberty. My father still loves my mother like the first time he laid eyes on her. Yes, my mother was (and is) a knockout. My father is chivalrous and courageous. Yet, these people realized at a young age that their shared existence was greater than their individual selves. They knew love was copulated in understanding and mastery of expression. They respected each others freedom to the point that they slaved for one another. 

My parents created two wonderful sons and extended the family circle to aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends when they needed a family. My brother and I quickly learned that family isn’t a blood relation, but a bond of understanding between people that love and appreciate one another. I have friends that will always be my brothers and sisters. I have a cousin, who is my brother. I taught him how to ride a bike when we were younger, he taught me the beauty of having a different opinion. I hope the life lessons that my father taught me will survive in my children and my children’s children. His lesson usually started or ended with “Don’t get into any trouble.” My father is the antithesis to misbehavior. I have never had a fear of jail or prison. But, I do fear disappointing my father. My brother also fears tarnishing the family name. My father is the ultimate deterrent to failure. He held me and my brother up like Atlas’ shoulders do the world. Unlike Atlas, my father never hunched over by the weight of our worlds. He is a titan. His knowledge and voice birthed the fear of god in my soul. My brother and I are two African-American men that have not experienced the statistical death that loom over so many African-American men. We are quite outstanding in our accomplishments. But, that would have never happened if it were not for the strong family unit that taught us that we were more than Street Niggers (niggas or however you want to spell it). We were men. And, true men live a life of success even in the eyes of facing failure.

This blog is dedicated to my family and those that wonder whatever happened to the Littlest Giant. Well, the Giant was slumbering for the Summer. Now, he is up for the Winter. So, this goes to my darling dearest, Winter. Are you ready for me to wake up?

The Mafia Family…

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Natti – Ruled the World (

This is a cautionary tale about rappers that are one trick ponies. Those rappers that spit the same melarchy over half-baked repetitive production.