“Being completely empowered by something, yet powerless to it is Love.”

— Charles Babb

I amusingly stare at the day walkers scrambling to find the happiness that whispered to their subconscious during slumbering moments. It is indeed a privilege to “overstand” how life works perched upon a soapbox constructed by quenched passions and hard work. Personally, I have consistently planned, worked, and fulfilled all my passions. I have no understanding of how it feels to not birth the fruit from a passion project. I have no idea what it feels like to only see passions in dreams. I’m not a dream chaser or dream catcher. They are merely fleeting memories of forgotten thoughts muted by the sounds of the daily grind. I made a pact with myself to never forget my passions; pour my soul into the soil that cultivates and nurtures them. I coddle and cradle them like a parent holding onto the soft breaths of her child. I break all the walls of doubt springing up between me and my passions. I’ve learned, even before my Man of Morehouse days, if you become great at your passions aka your loves, then you may discover a way to financially sustain yourself with them. You will become powerless to your passions. They will consume you, own you, and sell you. You will become a slave to them. In your enslavement, you relinquish all power. This is love. Your passions will make you a mortal before they can immortalize you.


You become utterly powerless to the things that empower you. You lose definition to the things that define you. You are birthed to the things that are causing you to die- your passions.