It is a new year with a new bag of tricks. After a long vacation in the hometown, I’ve realized that one’s journey should never backtrack to yesterday’s memories that have no bearing on tomorrow’s vision. We must shed our pasts to make our present better than we can imagine in the future. I’ve learned that the connections between us and the world is what defines our world. So, we must diligently work toward something better than anything imaginable. Or, we will be in a cycle of nothing. I’ve slaved my entire life for the right to say that I mastered something. This something is my principles and my state of existence.


I’ve learned that my principles and existence are not tied to my economic, social, or political status. Matter of fact, my existence is not tied to the statuses imposed on me by known and unknown people in my life. My principles and existence are only tied to my thoughts and my ability to act on my thoughts. For this year, I will think and act like nothing matters more than championing myself. My drive is fueled by gas that cannot be constructed with any mixture of chemicals. My existence is fueled by the same attributes that fueled champions lost in the shadows of historical propaganda.

For the next 365 days, I’m going to wake and challenge the Universe in a battle for Newness supremacy. Every morning, I will not rise the same person that laid down. I’ll restart new. If the Mayan calendar is correct, then I want the world to end while I’m brand new and on my terms.