GAS [Goal Achievement Syndrome] is best defined as the infinite cycle of constantly creating better goals when it becomes inevitable that previously set goals will be achieved.

—- Charles Babb

I am fortunate to feel Nature’s spirit enchant a masterpiece carved by the Ancients- The Tiger Nest. The Tiger Nest is a sacred place that can only be reached by strong-willed and humble people seeking inner-peace. This monumental structure hidden in the clouds of the Himalayan mountainside, 3,120 metres (10,240 ft), above sea level about 900 metres (3,000 ft) above the Paro valley,  is a metaphor for my high aspirations. I feel reaching my aspirations in life will lead to inner-peace. Then, I came to the realization that my inner-peace comes in chasing and conquering them. I do not really care for the moment of achieving aspirations because I will set new ones once achievement becomes inevitable. I’m in constant perpetuation of goal achieving.

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