I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

— Oscar Wilde


Staring into reality’s abyss from my dream’s red cliff overlooking Mt. Olympus, I begin to ponder how my mentality to championing the hearts desires sparked in my soul. I am considered unusual amongst my wonder years’ peers. I would claim a creature of circumstance; however, my formative years were equivalent to those that question my exquisite taste in fine living. My Dionysustic lifestyle and my Aresian appetite brand me as an anomaly amongst my past social circle, but having and desiring luxury items is a basic, better said, simplistic concept used to decoy my adversaries from my true objective of ascertaining complex luxuries- freedom, peace, happiness, and wisdom. The Spartan strategies calculated with Athenian intelligence incubated between my daily wakings are the root, the catalyst igniting my drive. At one point in my life, I was the artistic warrior similar to Hannibal crafting a soliloquy on the footsteps of Rome. Sure, many men are warriors, artists, or both. Today, I stand before you as the creative strategist that doesn’t define his art or his war plan because to do both would be to define himself, who he finds undefinable.


My life is guided by the notion that undefinable identity is what makes people great and unforgettable. Their only plight is journeying toward self-realization and self-determination, while defying the definitions bestowed on them by others. The matrimonial journey between me and the Universe procreate powerful life lessons. I’ve learned to nurture these lessons into higher thoughts, better understandings, and wisdom. My mind is constantly chiseling a new reality for me to mold into a better person. As a result, every action appears to be alchemy. An alchemist is someone who takes useless things and make them invaluable or priceless. That is what makes me different from my peers. I’m always trying to make every minute into a valuable moment. I subconsciously place a value on everything. I don’t place a simple or basic monetary value on it, but I put a supremely complex time value on it. I recognize money is printed and distributed everyday. But, time cannot be deposited, saved, or earned. Time is only withdrawn from us. Therefore, time is invaluable and priceless, thus making me a shrewd critic and one with exquisite tastes. My demanding tastes for the best and even better is what separates me from individuals that settle for mediocrity.