“When you play a game of thrones you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

— George R.R. Martin


Waking to Apollo rising from the depths of Poseidon’s bed ignited my thoughts about the rise and fall of the throne chasers. As most people gawk in awe of the throne, some of us secretly plot an usurp on the king and kingdom. With great calculation, we evaluate the game, fellow players, the pieces, the plans, and the throne’s protectorate.

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Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.

— Ralph Wald Emerson

For those near and dear to me, they know I am fascinated with the Human condition. As a born and bred anthropologist, I have always analyzed humans not only on macro scale, also on a micro scale. I love researching, experimenting, analyzing, and critiquing the human condition. My anthropological interest combined with my art and design loves birth a great imaginative understanding of myself coexisting in the universe. As a purveyor of interactive entertainment, I’ve fallen into the habit of studying other artists’ declarations and pontifications exclaimed through their works- music, television, film, and video games. I intensely examine entertainment for the minutia that can be applied to life in a major way. When watching LCD or the silver screen, I habitually search for the characters’ souls trapped within the fiction. If the writers are great craftspeople, then it is easy to grasp the characters’ complexity and essence during the most trivial activities and dialogue. Within moments, these fictitious modern artifacts postulate a reason for appreciation. Continue reading CHARLES versus ARI BASS