I’ve always been of sound mind, and understand the values of self-determination and identity. I know whatever pet names, nicknames, or surnames that you use to refer to yourself in public dictates how everyone else addresses you in public. It kills me to hear Black folks swear up and down with “nigger” littered throughout their sentences, even when it isn’t necessary. These same individuals get upset when someone outside of their ethnic group address them as “Nigger.” Nigger has never been a term of endearment for me. It will never be a term of endearment for me. With these “I use nigger ’cause I’m cool” Blacks, it upsets me that they live in a fantasy fabricated world that grants them the power to stop people from calling them nigger when they repeatedly use the word. If you can call yourself that, then everyone else will. Brother Ali nails down my thoughts of the word.


Listening to NPR on my way to work one day, I listened to Gretchen Rubin describe how she wanted to be a happier person. It was not that she was unhappy, but she wanted to be happier. She believed that her life was quite privileged and filled with joy and happiness. However, she wanted to be happier than she had ever before. I know her struggle with achieving higher levels of happiness. Mrs. Rubin isn’t being greedy or being ungrateful, she’s just not settling for mediocrity, even if her mediocrity is excellence in the eyes of others. I’ve always struggled with a similar issue of settling or continue to strive for the impossibility of excellence. Continue reading CHARLES versus HAPPINESS PROJECT


This has been a long time coming… My Harajuku Moment. It has truly hit home today. I’m going to actually answer my desire to chisel out and get fit. I’m way off my mark. I’ve never allowed myself to become so inactive. I’m beyond a Harajuku Moment, I’m in a Harajuku Crisis! I went shopping and tried on some stylish, not fashionable, clothing and realized that I didn’t represent the style like I did a few years back. Eureka, now I have the answer to my health questions! The answers came right before my yearly hometown family visit. Continue reading CHARLES versus HARAJUKU CRISIS


My apologies great people. As I stare from my mental Mt. Olympus into a world filled with color, I promised myself refrain from scribing on Charles Versus Everything until my mind, body, and soul’s anniversary. As I draft this post in the city that raised me, I recognize how wonderful it is to be surrounded by people who unconditionally love me without fully understanding the vast difference of my life to theirs. My life is an enigma that has given rise to unexplainable motivations. My only explanation is that my soul feasts on positive opportunities. I seek only the best possible solutions to life’s most adventurous and puzzling predicaments. Fortunately, my drive for new experience continues to move further down a path of wondrous success.  I’m a Success Monster. Continue reading CHARLES versus A NEW YEAR [BIRTHDAY]