The blog entries prior to this one are from a previous Charles. Charles has the fortunate event of waking up brand new each and every day. The outdated Charles was saint or representative for sinners- those that broke or lived beyond the rules of life.

This blog is from the Charles that knows there are not any rules to break.

Dear Digital Metaverse Scratch Pad,

It has been a long time since we last shared words with one another. The last time that I spoke with you, I crowned myself the Saint of Sinners. No, I didn’t give myself the crown because I’m an egomaniacal creature, hell-bent on proliferating my narcissistic tendencies. No one in their right mind or left mind would accept such a title for the sake of celebrity. Maybe, someone with no mind wouldn’t mind doing it. However, an able-minded person would step away, unless they have some thought to raise the sinners up. I’ve learned over the years, sinners are people of action. No one is a sinner without doing something good, bad, or indifferent. Sometimes, our most sincere intentions cause a chain reaction of negative outcomes. We all have these moments in life, yet the self-proclaimed saints insist on ridiculing us for our tragic efforts toward greatness. Continue reading CHARLES versus THE SAINT OF SINNERS