The Hunting Tiger

Today marks the beginning of a New Year. It is the year of the tiger. The tiger is a majestic creature feared by most in the wild, but not feared enough to be the king of beasts. Many opinionated Darwin novices would assert that the Lion, although very docile in the wild, is the king of beast. I would interject that humans are the king of beast. While most animals, including the lion kill due to an innate urge to feed on weaker animals. Humans will kill just for pleasure and game. Ah yes, we are the king of beasts. With our new fangled technology, we still find ways to use it in vicious, barbaric, and beastlike manners. We kill for asinine and unprovable flawed philosophies. We allow these philosophies and beliefs to go unquestioned and unanswerable even though they seem transparently incorrect, illogical, and ignorant while stating “God said so.” Continue reading The Hunting Tiger