Vengeance Is Mine Said The Lord

Pat Robertson has made some of the most unforgivable statements over the past few years. His latest being that the Haitians had made a pact with the devil in order to receive liberation from French tyranny. I’m angered that this man is a well-known and loved figure in American society. I’m disgusted by what he is and what he represents. He is worse than the ignorant terrorist willing to shed innocent blood for a jaded and wicked belief system. When I first heard that this demon of a man made such harsh statements in a time of crisis, I didn’t want to believe it. Why would a so-called ‘godly’ man make such a harsh and unprovable statement? Why didn’t he say, we send our service and love to the survivors? I read and read hoping to find evidence that states him apologizing or denying even saying “a pact with a devil exists.” But, to no avail, there is nothing online, except hard fact that he unapologetically made the comments and stands behind them. Over time, Pat Robertson has attributed every disaster that adversely affects people of non-European descent as God unleashing punishment and every disaster that involves European descendants as the Devil trying to harm God’s greatest creation. But, I will not bring race into this post. Ethnicity disputes are true distractions to real problems that plague our society.

I have two points to make. 1. Where did Pat Robertson find evidence to support such an asinine claim? 2. Why does he believe poor blacks in Haiti were only able to defeat the French tyranny on Haiti with the help of the Devil? Does he really believe people seeking freedom are unwilling to win no matter the cost? I’m too bothered by this man’s statement to continue with the post… I’ll be back to finish later…

Closing Time

As I write with five minutes left to close out the year, I would like to make one resolution for the new year. That resolution is to stay connected. I will allow my conscious to openly flow through the metaverse. I will open up more, express more, converse more, and continue to deliver the best in written entertainment.

Moreover, I will stay connected to my loved ones and liked ones.

Love you all…. This is the end of 2009. 2010 is here