God Is Going To Cut Them Down

It has been a long time since I’ve made my thoughts public. For about three months, I felt that my words were falling onto blind minds. As I stare at this screen listening to rhythm of the rain falling outside, I realized that the gods and godesses have blessed me with the gift of spoken word. Words exposing my emotions, baring my soul, and leaving my thoughts naked for your criticism. I just want to know are my thoughts sexy enough to make you crush on my thoughts. Do you want to put a poster of my mind on my wall? And, do you want to daydream about frolicking with my opinions on life? Well, I have come across something completely sadistically sexy. Johnny Cash. As an adult, I feel the torment that Johnny Cash was trying to express to a world that is wicked. This says it all. Again, I am a saint for sinners and a sinner for saints. Praised by few and hated by others. Life will go on with or without me, but my words are forever. Love to all those that watch this. Johnny has inspired me. I’m going after those that have been running for a long time.