Dissection: Kanye vs. MTV

Kanye does dickish things. Kanye is a poor sportsman, better said musicman. He does whine about not winning awards, which he thinks he deserves. He does rebuttal journalists, who express their unsatisfactory thoughts about his musical works. I will never ever support his classless actions or condone such actions, especially from a fellow African-American. He should know that is exactly how “they” expect us to act. It adds fuel to the “That’s Why We Don’t Give N!&&@$ anything” debate. The last thing minority groups need to do is supply ethnicists** with fuel to denounce all their social progress in this country. Sure, Kanye was drunk at MTV VMAs, but that is no excuse for a statesman of the African-American community to be uncivil. I will never condone his actions of leaping onstage and spouting his opinion during an individual’s celebratory acceptance speech. I do not say it was okay under any pretense. I acknowledge award shows are the opinions of faceless judging committees. Holding no one accountable for voting or admitting they correctly or incorrectly voted, Kanye should not take any award show’s nominations and awarding as concrete law based on accuracy, fairness, or unbiased truth.

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