Remain Amazing

Life is guaranteed to be filled with two things– bullshit and your shit. Overcoming them leads to insurmountable levels of happiness and joy. Even while living the good life, I am in constant warfare against the onslaught bullshit and my shit. My graceful navigation through them looks effortlessly simple. The simplicity is only in the high amounts of discipline I evoke in every action to overcome the obstacles in between me and success. The effortlessness is in pouring passion into every action and every thought. You must have an undying passion for life, I have enough to quench the thirst of all the world’s ills. However, without endless amounts of time to sort out the world’s problems, I manage to have time to conjure solutions for my own and few loved ones’ problems. I sometimes feel like Earl (My Name is Earl) when assisting those that don’t carry the same amount of discipline or passion in their lives.

I wish people could look at how wonderful life is… For one moment, look through the bullshit that plagues their forgettable existence. If they can look through all the wasteful moments, maybe they could see a world, where creating everlasting memories is easier than breathing. The breath of life is in the most passionate things we do. My closest cousin asked me if I’ve ever been awed by something that I can’t do? I responded, “I’m awed by death.” Death will not be something that I’ll experience like everyone else. No, I won’t be crafting a bucketlist. That list would be endless. No, I won’t be going through a late life crisis and curl myself up into a ball and die in a corner. I’m going to die always doing what I love to do and consistently try to leave my impression on the world.

Since my memory is faulty and limited, I will live in the memories as others. Let the folklore begin. Let the myths and legends crafted by others about my existence live forever. Let them grow into ginormous stories about a young man that tried to outlive the bullshit and his own shit. The man with less of a reputation than action. I hope the story of Charles Babb remains amazing.