Failure is the Key…

To Success.

“I practice to win and remain the best.” — Sydney Babb, age 5
Fear of failure is what stops us from being the best people that we can be. Fear is F-alse E-lements A-ppearing R-eal. This acronym definition of fear applied to failure is what hinders us from actually reaching the pinnacle of success and fulfillment. The false element that failure is equivalent to death is the demon that controls our psyche’s ability to push toward greater success. In American society, we have learned that failure is the most humilating experience to live through and admitting that failure is the most embarrassing declaration made by an individual. We fear failure to the point that we deny our dreams and make excuses for being content with mediocre success. We settle for mediocre success because we do not want to face failure on our journey. We want a perfect track record. But, the only thing that is perfect in life is inperfection. Success is only measured by conquering failure. Remember, in all cultures, we praise those that beat the odds. The stakes are higher when those odds are immeasurable failure. I will not continue the blog on Failure. Just know the ability to accept failure is the key to reaching success.  However, champions make sure failure isn’t an option in their journey toward success.

Black Dynamite

When “The Man” murders his brother, pumps heroin into local orphanages, and floods the ghetto with adulterated malt liquor, Black Dynamite is the one hero willing to fight all the way from the blood-soaked city streets to the hallowed halls of the Honky House.

New Trailer

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Broken Ankles

I’m not a Kobe fan, but I do like these commercials.

To kill over our fictional belief system

I will blog about this later. As an adult, I’m still coming to terms with how we are able to kill those who haven’t experienced enough to formulate their own ideas and beliefs for our ideas and beliefs.


Riots in the Street

Peace my lovely people,

I’m going to bless everyone with a Happy year (new and old).  We all should strive to be angels searching for wings to soar to heaven. As a free spirited person, I have been tormented by an incident in Oakland on New Year’s day. Oscar Grant, a young brother waiting for the BART at Fruitvale Station, was killed execution style laying 
face down on the platform floor. Shortly thereafter after, video recordings of this heinous act surfaced across national news.

As I watched the shooting over and over on Youtube, I vented to Johnny Cakes, my cousin, how Oscar could have been us or any loved one in our lives. My optimism for a great 2009 was shattered like a mirror falling from a 20 story building when I watched his body jerk to the initial shock of the bullet entering his body. It hit so close to home. I felt connected to him in his final moment thinking, “These cops are going to beat my ass. How am I going to explain to my mother, my daughter’s mother, and my daughter why daddy got worked over by some cops on New Years.” As that thought with a million other thoughts probably flashed through his mind while laying face down with a knee in the back of his neck and handcuffs cutting through his wrist, he never would have thought the individuals hired to protect our lives would take his for no apparent reason. Not to say Oscar is innocent of any wrongdoing in his life, but no man deserves the death that he received and no family deserves the pain, fear, regret, and humiliation when seeing their son, brother, cousin, lover, and father slain on a dirty subway floor over and over again on all media outlets from Youtube to CNN.
I know our police are not not empowered to protect the citizens of a country, but to protect the country from the citizens. However, they should not exercise excessive force to prove to the citizens that it is country first. Their arrogance that the country will protect them from the people has spiraled out of control over the last 20 years. 
We are citizens trapped in a cage of fear from outsiders that view the U.S. as a monster and from monsters threatening our lives on the inside. Ex-officer Johannes Mehserle, 27, will not serve the sentence of a civilian murderer. He will more than likely get reprimanded, jailed for a few years, and released to carry a gun for some security agency. Ex-officer Mehserle will live with the thought of cutting some one’s lifeline short forever. I don’t think that thought is enough. Even though, I wish devilish torment on his soul for his action, I know monsters like him do not cast a second thought on their actions to those people for whom they have no respect and care fore and deem lesser individuals. The moral of the story is to be strong, value your moments on this Earth, and avoid the monsters that live amongst us with no laws.
My energy goes out to those living in fear and pain due to this tragic event and the hundreds of unreported or under reported nightmarish police acts that occur every year in this American dream. May we all wake-up one day to a reality better than the one we went to sleep with. I’m sure Oscar’s family will heal with time and I hope Ex-officer Mehserle will never heal for his crime. It may sound harsh, but I’m only human in my emotions. Our country should employ and empower police that love and cherish the people that they serve and recognize brute force is the last result.
There I go dreaming about a better America… The last king died telling his dream. So, I will keep mine to myself. Love you all.