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The Intelligence of Souljah Boy

Even though I do not agree with the mistreatment and dumbing down of rap for money making purposes. Souljah Boy is what is evil and vile in the corporate structure in Hip-Hop. He isn’t a rapper, but is able to capitalize on talking over “Hip-Hop” beats. What does it say about our human collective that his so-called rapper, who has no real rapping talent or ability to maintain coherent subject matter or word usage, is able to provide prosperity for himself? Souljah Boy is an intelligent individual in making money based on a stereocast(stereotype and typecast). He just recognized that completely acting like Sambo and playing to the lowest common denominator in society will lead to riches. If you excuse his immature speech and actually listen to what he has to say when addressing Charles Hamilton, you will hear small tidbits of wisdom and honesty.

We had our fun rap groups (Kid-N-Play, Young MC, Tone Loc, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Tag Team, A-Town Players, and 2 Live Crew), why can’t the next generation that feel that Master P is old school have their fun rap? I say this generation can have their fun rap, I just want them to rap and respect the craft of rapping. The artists previously mentioned (and Souljah Boy included) are to Hip-Hop as what The Ramones is/was to Rock. They don’t take their music seriously and they want to entertain people and make them forget about the more serious music. What’s wrong with that? We just need real artists to balance them out. Charles Hamilton balances Souljah Boy, but the buying public isn’t checking for him. We need to somehow alter John Q. Public’s view on rap music in order to make it a serious art, again. Charles has potential to grow into a great rapper, but he shouldn’t complain about what Souljah Boy does, just state your music is the antithesis to his. Make John and Joan Public love you for your ability to craft good music, don’t have them love you for fighting with a fool! Because from a distance, you can’t tell who is who.
On another note, this little boys’ beef is hilarious. I know the record companies are eating well off of this one.

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