Niggers and Niggas by Johnny Cakes

Never, in the two-hundred and thirty-two years since the second continental congress of 1776 declared independence from Great Britain, have I been so riveted by an event transpiring in my county. On November 04, 2008, Senator Barack Obama became the first American of African descent to be elected President of the United States of America. This auspicious moment, I believe, will usher in an epoch of unbridled possibilities. Now, this is not to suggest that the phantoms of racism and bigotry have been permanently eradicated from our “teeming shores”, but it does mark a turning point, for the better, in our nation.
Barack Obama’s ascension to the highest government office in the nation came as a result of the sacrifices committed by so many brave men and women. As another famous President once stated, “that we here highly resolved that these honored dead shall not have died in vain-that this nation, under God, shall have a rebirth of freedom.” In order to adequately grasp the significance of this moment, we must first put into perspective the history of struggle black people have endured. Ever since European ships docked on the shores of Western Africa and viciously abducted native Africans and forcefully carried them onto slave ships across the Atlantic Ocean to the “New World,” we have been confronted by inhuman hardships. For centuries, Americans of African descent toiled under the blistering sun for 12 to 18 hours a day without reprieve or compensation. We witnessed the rape of our women, and the lynching of our relatives and friends. 
We devoted the full measure of patriotism for the liberation of Europe, Korea and Vietnam only to return home and be deprived of our own constitutional liberty.
Many obstacles have been surmounted by many undaunted and brilliant men and women to bring us, as a nation, to this moment in time. We now live in a nation where the best golf player in the country is black, the biggest movie star is black, the best female tennis player is black, the Secretary of State is black, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is black and, yes, the 44th President of the United States of America is black.
This extraordinary and apparent change in the social dynamic of our country has caused me to pause and give consideration to the nature of my behavior. So henceforth and forever more, the word “nigga” or “nigger” will be permanently stricken from my vernacular. In honor of the present situation, I believe it is proper that I engage in this course of action

The appropriateness of the word nigga has been a reoccurring topic of discussion in the living rooms, kitchen tables, beauty shops, barbershops, pool halls, nightclubs, classrooms, television shows, etc. for decades. Some have supported its use as a colloquialism for camaraderie while others have vehemently castigated its use as an incorrigible and offensive vulgarity. Recently, the NAACP held a funeral service for the word in the aftermath of the Don Imus controversy. My favorite comedian, Chris Rock, went so far as to eloquently distinguished between “niggas” and black folks.
I earnestly believe the election of Barack Obama has changed the dynamic of the nigga debate. I was immersed with an exceeding burst of elation upon see his historic victory. I knew from that moment that “niggas” or “niggers” have never existed in America. It was a myth like the boogeyman conjured from the egregious imagination of imperialist and white-supremacist determined to conserve a system entrenched in oppression, fear and hate.

How can there be niggas in this country? Similar to the origins of our forefathers, Barack Obama is the son of an immigrant, whose father aspired to join the “hurdled masses yearning to breathe free”. He matriculated at the best schools in the nation. He served in the United States senate. Not only does he represent the best of black people but we represent the best of him. Since we are a representation the President of the United States of America, we can’t be niggers. Quite frankly, we are simply a reflection of the best of America. Therefore, I can no longer allow myself to speak a word originally intended to rob me of my dignity and reduce me to the status of second-class citizenry.

What Said, recap

11 OCTOBER 2008

What Said, volume 1
There have been times where the universe connects your life with another force. I’ve been fortunate to have many of theses forces pass through my charmed life. I’ve encountered more forces than those handed out by mother nature. With one of these forces, I discuss everything good and bad about the human condition. We talk about life, love, hate, good, bad, interesting, boring, stupid, and intellectual subjects. We hold court and prosecute humanity’s design. Usually after our conversations have a curtain call, I ponder the ideas, thoughts, and words that danced together in the conversation. I remain dissatisfied with our intellectual courtship and desire to make amendments to what was discussed in the privacy of our ears. It is like an actor critiquing their own performance after a night on Broadway. The audience may have adored it, but the actor only saw the flaws. In our conversations, I see the flaws. There are lost remnants in the interpretation and translation. Therefore, I will use my blog to discuss the conversations with this majestic force. This force is known as “What.”

Since WHAT is a dynamic word in our language that drags us to examine and explore the whys of life, I will use it as the precursor for this blog series. We usually transition from “what” to “why?” in our philosophical discussions to understand the world around us. For example, what is that? Why is it there? We usually ask what, but we never listen to what. With that said, I will dive into what said.

What said, “Charles why are you so pessimistic about Barack Obama winning the election?” My answer is it is easier to being closed minded than opening up to something new and better. For example, people usually date the same type of people over and over again in hopes of finding one compatible with their personalities. However, if you continue to date the same type of person, then you will never find one that you are truly compatible with. What usually happens is that you find one that you are more compatible with. Barack Obama is the perfect lover for the US’ political future. He is fresh and lively and honest. Instead of giving him a try, we search for people that will continually beat us into submission. Humans are animals of conflict. Our internal and external conflicts usually lead us to better ourselves. Remember the saying, “No pain, no gain,” “Always champion your failures,” or “A movie without drama or conflict is boring and we all want to be in a movie.” As Americans, we all want to complain about something and we all want to be anti-establishment, which is part of US heritage. We also want to say we are smarter than our bosses. These subliminal and passive thoughts direct our psyches to choose people less capable to hold office. These less capable people are the target of our complaints and anti-establishment sentiments. These targets also bring us together (another quote, “an enemy of your enemy is a friend.”)…

I never finished this post.

But, What was right. America had no issue with voting in Barack Obama. America voted differently. Thank the gods and goddesses.

Especially, I thank What for the belief in American judgment and the ability to choose something different. Hell, What was on the minds and hearts of everyone that went into the voting booth, that wanted now to be different. We all asked “What now?” as we casted our votes. What said, “Make the best decision against your preconceived prejudices.” And, we did. That is why What is so important. And, why our next president is so different from the previous one.

This is the America I Know…

I have many friends that do not understand why I believe soon-to-be President Obama has a slim of winning the election with such an extraordinary lead in the polls. Moreover, many do not understand why I believe his life or his family members’ lives are at stake. Even with secret service protection, it would only take a single bullet to kill him. Let, me drop the “soon-to-be” to just President. President Obama is not a man to cower from a threat. He would stand on podiums across the nation to speak about how to improve America. He is very outspoken and realizes that his life is more in dangered here than in the streets of Afghanistan. He is not only making history, but he understands History’s lessons. If history teaches us anything, it is any man can get killed even the most loved and the most protected. I know President Obama would rather die doing good, then hiding in the confines of the White House. Right now, let’s send out good spirits to President Obama that he is protected from evil doers seeking his demise.

President Obama may be the least likely target to get shot after the announcement Tuesday night. There are rumors of White supremacists’ organizations coming together to bring down this “nigger” threat to American freedom by forcing him to voluntarily resign. Now, if something is forced, then it damn sure isn’t voluntary. This is an oxymoron worth examining. These hateful organizations are devising a plan to not assassinate President Obama, but to kill innocent African-Americans every hour after the election until he resigns from the presidential post. They recognized that getting to him will be almost impossible. Thus, it would be easier to pick other low-profiled targets such as us everyday working African-Americans. They believe the randomized mass murdering across the country will send a fearful shock through America. This shock will cause an uproar which would force a resignation by President Obama in order to save “his” people. What makes it even worse some of these individuals believe or know that killing “unimportant niggers” will lead to minimum jail time if any because they are doing White America a service by killing random “niggers” to stop the reign of terror of a Black president. Moreover, they believe White police will automatically go after Black males for being the suspects of these innocent people because Blacks are the only people that care enough to kill other Blacks. These guys also think an “American” judge would look at their murderous acts as acts for patriotism and acquit them of any crimes because they were stopping terrorism in our homeland. The targets of these White Supremacists range from wealthy Blacks to poor and homeless Blacks. I would advise everyone to be prepared and alert for any suspicious vehicles in your area. Remember, to a White supremacist all other races are terrorists.

Since a ignorant vice-president nominee who shall not be named said that “Obama is palling around with terrorists” in her rally speeches. It only verifies the suspicions of White supremacists. These supremacists believe that every race is trying to steal their country by banning together. This will be their motives to kill innocent Blacks. Place yourself in their mindset, “if their most revered nigger is palling around with terrorists, then they all must be palling around with them. Let’s get them before they get us.” These ignorant individuals now have a reason to hunt down Blacks and other Brown people for being affiliated with terrorists. This wicked vice president nominee unapologetically instigated White racist retaliation against minorities by insinuating a conspiracy theory that President Obama and his supporters (mostly Blacks) are in cahoots with Brown terrorists to kill off good White people. She seriously added fuel to the fire and placed any minority that supports President Obama at risk of being killed by some racist crazy.

I can only imagine looking down the barrel of an assault rifle on my way to work, and hearing, “You nigger. You damn terrorists lover. I’m gonna kill you and everyone that looks like you.” I’m not afraid to be in that position. But, I wish this ignorant vice-president nominee didn’t charge the batteries of any paranoid white supremacist looking for a reason to start the anticipated “race” war.

My brothers and sisters, if this rumor is true. We need to be steadfast and be prepared that some African-Americans may be causalities in the war against racism in America. We should not retaliate in riots. Nor, should we encourage President Obama to step down from his post if this countdown murdering spree starts at midnight on Wednesday, November 5th. 2008. If these racist White lunatics decide to line the streets with Black blood, then we need to be prepared and alert. If this is our darkest hour, let us continue to shine like the stars that the runaway slaves would follow to freedom.

For those that doubt these rumors could ever be true please watch the following video.