It Is Almost Time…

When Secretary of State and Gen. Colin Powell speaks everyone should listen

I couldn’t have said it better. It is like Colin Powell was reading my mind. We do not need more conservative judges on the Supreme Court. The Republican Party haas become freedoms terrorists or social evolution terrorists. What are they conserving anyway? 
Obama has found a new spokesperson.

It is Time

Hello Friends, Family, and Strangers,

After seeing this, I think it is time for a change. I’m too disappointed in the general public to discuss the picture at this moment. I will write about this image later. But, a picture paints a thousand words. This one gives us a million reasons to vote for Barack Obama. In the mortal words of Sam Cooke, “Change is gonna come.”

The Littles Giant becomes a Saint

Peace All my friends and family, 

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The Barack Warm-up

What Said, volume 1

There have been times where the universe connects your life with another force. I’ve been fortunate to have many of theses forces pass through my charmed life. I’ve encountered more forces than those handed out by mother nature. With one of these forces, I discuss everything good and bad about the human condition. We talk about life, love, hate, good, bad, interesting, boring, stupid, and intellectual subjects. We hold court and prosecute made from humanity’s design. Usually after our conversations have a curtain call, I ponder the ideas, thoughts, and words that danced together in the conversation. I remain dissatisfied with our intellectual courtship and desire to make amendments to what was discussed in the privacy of our ears. It is like an actor critiquing their own performance after a night on Broadway. The audience may have adored it, but the actor only saw the flaws. In our conversations, I see the flaws. There are so lost remnants in the interpretation and translation. Therefore, I will use my blog to discuss the conversations with this majestic force. This force is known as “What.”

Since WHAT is a dynamic word in our language that drags us to examine and explore the whys of life, I will use it as the precursor for this blog series. We usually transition from “what” to “why?” in our philosophical discussions to understand the world around us. For example, what is that? Why is it there? We usually ask what, but we never listen to what. With that said, I will dive into what said.

What said, “Charles why are you so pessimistic about Barack Obama winning the election?” My answer is it is easier to being closed minded than opening up to something new and better. For example, people usually date the same type of people over and over again in hopes of finding one compatible with their personalities. However, if you continue to date the same type of person, then you will never find one that you are truly compatible with. What usually happens is that you find one that you are more compatible with. Barack Obama is the perfect lover for the US’ political future. He is fresh and lively and honest. Instead of giving him a try, we search for people that will continually beat us into submission. Humans are animals of conflict. Our internal and external conflicts usually lead us to better ourselves. Remember the saying, “No pain, no gain,” “Always champion your failures,” or “A movie without drama or conflict is boring and we all want to be in a movie.” As Americans, we all want to complain about something and we all want to be anti-establishment, which is part of US heritage. We also want to say we are smarter than our bosses. These subliminal and passive thoughts direct our psyches to choose people less capable to hold office. These less capable people are the target of our complaints and anti-establishment sentiments. These targets also bring us together (another quote, “an enemy of your enemy is a friend.”)…

I never finished this blog.

But, What was right. America had no issue with voting in Barack Obama. America voted differently. Thank the gods and goddesses.

Especially, I thank What for the belief in American judgment and the ability to choose something different. Hell, What was on the minds and hearts of everyone that went into the voting booth, that wanted now to be different. We all asked “What now?” as we casted our votes. What said, “Make the best decision against your preconceived prejudices.” And, we did. That is why What is so important. And, why our next president is so different from the previous one.

Presidential Address by Johnny Cakes aka JR Intellectual

On Friday, October 02, 2008, Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin participated in their first, and only, Vice Presidential debate. After the conclusion of the debate, I took a mental flight back through time and analyzed the previous occupants of the oval office. It is my general opinion that every President has possessed and should possess extraordinary talent. I hold the belief that a President should use language to articulate ideals that inspire us to be better citizens.

For instance, President Kennedy’s eloquent challenge to the nation to ask what you could do for your country is indelibly embedded in our patriotic conscience. President Lincoln’s dedication address at Gettysburg still resonates with the same ferocity today as it did on that November afternoon in 1863.Who can ever forget President Roosevelt’s attempt to comfort a nation in mist the of economic catastrophe during his first inauguration?

So, I hope, you can empathize with my chagrin when I hear a Presidential or Vice Presidential nominee incorporate words like “heck” or “your darn right” into his/her lexicon. During the debate, Governor Palin thought it advantageous to use this sort of “folksy” language. At one point, she refuse to answer the moderator’s question because, as she eluded, she was “speaking to the people.” Governor Palin sincerely believed that her words would be interpreted as being relatable to the American masses.

Has the American intellect degenerated so abysmally that we elect leaders who can’t speak coherent sentences? Does a Vice Presidential nominee really think the American public prefers parlor-room prattle to the richness and eloquence of the English language? At what period in our comprehensive and distinguished history did we become tolerable of mediocrity? When, in her estimation, did she believe Americans came to terms with inane jargon as a reliable form of communication during a presidential campaign?
The erosion of intellectual curiosity, in Americans, has fueled my feelings of indignation. The apathetic policy of our current Commander-in-Chief has significantly tarnished our reputation internationally while simultaneously weakening our economy domestically. Instead of conducting extensive research and committing resources to ascertaining facts, the administration clings to illogical ideology . President Bush, in his own words, has admitted his lack of engagement. The ability to devote yourself only to a single-minded objective may be an excellent trait if you are preparing to run a marathon or compete in the Olympics. It is a flaw when you preside over the largest economy and most diverse republic in the world.

So, when I hear Governor Palin speak, I ask myself, haven’t we seen this movie before? We have already elected a President solely based on his/her likeability, and the results have been calamitous. Yes, Sahara Palin is undeniably attractive and charismatic. However, these are not defining qualities needed to be Vice President or President. We are facing grave challenges. Our financial infrastructure is collapsing, our troops are in peril, and the environment continues to worsen. We need a brilliant mind and a firm hand to guide us. Our leaders should be a reflection of our smartest and most competent. Mediocrity has no place in the White House. I believe there is no problem American ingenuity can’t solve. We emancipated ourselves from England, helped defeat Hitler, and journeyed to the moon. George Washington forged an army out of farmers, blacksmiths, and carpenters to topple the largest army in the world. Benjamin Franklin fought lightening. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. inspired us and made us remember how to speak the language of love. All of this, and more, was accomplished by our greatest minds.

We, as nation, have always stood on the high mantle of advancement. Our leaders have never trivialized us with plain spoken colloquialism because they believed, as I do, in our insatiable appetite for knowledge and limitless intellect. As we trace the footsteps of our four fathers, we must remember the legacy they bequeathed us. So, Governor Palin, you weren’t speaking to the people. I don’t know with whom you were speaking. The people of this country are complex, diverse, and engaged. And that is as American as apple pie and baseball.