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Don’t Stop Now…

The beauty of this video is the direction of Dion Watkins. Dion did an excellent job to catch the Sa-Ra vibe. I tell everyone to check out the Sa-Ra in LA at the Temple Bar (http://www.sa-ra.net/). This song is great for one reason and one reason only- Andre 3000. He is forever the G.O,A.T. of rap. Kanye, thanks for breaking this song on the Can’t Tell Me Nothing Mixtape. To think you are good for something. I’m waiting for the Sa-Ra and 3000 song to drop. That would be like Funkadelic meets Prince. Is that too much for our feeble minds to handle…. Until that moment, enjoy Bentley’s song, Everybody.


Many people fell in love with Kanye’s Glow In The Dark set. It was different and Esthero’s voice as Jane was sexy. But, this is next level. We are talking a one man show without any physical movement. Focus your eyes on the magic of lights. This is a short clip from a live set by Etienne de Crecy, a French house producer, during the Transmusicales fesitvals in Rennes, France.

Etienne De Crecy Live 2007 Transmusicales de Rennes from Clement bournat on Vimeo.

Always going to be a Nerd!

I have always been a N.E.R.D. because they rule the world.
This is for all those that love great music. Next level ish!
Produced By Pharrell – Santogold, Julian Casablancas, N.E.R.D.

Hip-Hop is King (created for www.digunderground.com)

“For the right price…. I can make YOUR shit tighter.”
— Jay-Z from Ride Or Die
Everyone knows about Prince Charles and Prince Di. But, now England has a new king.
Jay-Z made history. He has not only boosted his sales in the UK by five-fold, but his cover of Wonderwall boosted the sales of Oasis’ album sales.

The lead singer of Oasis, Noel Gallagher was skeptical about Jay-Z headlining the show. He said it was the worse decision ever that would leave to utter disaster. Looks to me, you need to split your royalties with King Jay for making Oasis relevant.

Not only were the streets watching, the charts are listening and the news is talking.

Music with a message

Peace Everyone,

Bear with me. I’m currently working on upgrading Underground Live. While you wait, I’ll like to give you some beautiful music videos. Everyone that knows me well. Knows I love art. It doesn’t matter the form. I just love art and entertainment.

Secondly, I’m in a moment of inspiration. Here are bits and pieces of things that are inspiring me.

Kenna – “Out of Control (State of Emotion)”

MGMT “Time to Pretend”

Deltron 3030 “3030” (Just song not video)