Song Writing

Recently, two friends of mine asked that I write them songs. My friend from Canada is a classic jazz singer with a nightingale voice. The other is sultry soulful singer with the voice of a warming voice. The dilemma I’m having is that I do not write songs. Hell, I don’t listen to enough “sung” music to construct a solid and cohesive verse. Even after years of floating around in musical circles, I haven’t been inspired to construct a song.

I’m reading lyrics after lyrics of great song writers. Wow, I’m impressed with the beauty of songs. I just wonder whatever happened to great song writing? Maybe, if we improve song writing standards, then we may be able to improve the quality of singing from today’s so-called vocalist.

Mogulism Lesson 1: Point A to Point B

Change… It is the most beautiful thing in the world. It is so beautiful that most of us fear it. Change… Just hearing the word provokes a million images in my mind. I love change. I’m a proponent for change. My life has always been about change.

I’ve learned it is the core of all moguls. They desire constant elevation. Constant elevation induces growth. Growth leads to change. Change leads to elevation. The cycle continues. For example, I’ve made the decision to write this blog in freeflow. There are no adherence to English structure. I just want to write my emotions, and emotions do not follow rules nor order. This is the first lesson of moguls: allow your logic and emotions guide your decision making. Feel your gut. Society’s rules cannot force a mogul to conform. They move to the spark of their emotions.

Moguls harness the energy of their emotions with logic and use it in business and creative endeavors. They only seek what makes their souls content. Their goals are power, freedom, and happiness. We, as average humans, believe living in a world that changes on a whim is crazy. We claim to want the same goals; however, we believe power, freedom, and happiness are unattainable in this life. We poke fun at or admire the moguls that chase such “ridiculous” goals. We accuse the money has made these moguls go crazy. We say “why can’t they be happy with all that money?” or “Look at her, the money has drove her crazy?” We don’t understand these people learned that it isn’t the money that makes people happy, but the things that move the heart. Those things can change at the drop of the dime, thus making stability impossible. These persecutors of change value stability over happiness. These individuals believe stability will lead to happiness. This is the most illogical theory ever conceived. Einstein said it best. Doing the same things day after day, expecting change is insanity.

For the reader that seeks to improve his current situation, why do you perform the same things day after day? We need to move from point A to point B not point A to another point A. Point B may not be the right choice, just make sure it is better than point A. Eventually, one of our point B’s will be the right choice. We will have learned how to pick not only the best choice, but the right choice. Understanding how to choose is just as important as our choices. Today, I will choose change.

What are you choosing today?

My Amusement

you around

the way girl
For My own
Make my
far better
my penning
of uninspired words
Locked on
It isn’t fair
How I
you to
my mental
of beauty
and happiness
but, I do.
I don’t do it
for you
this is all
I need you.
I need you
to be down
and stay up
with me.
I need the support
and push
that only
one leg would
do for two
on a skateboard
I’m a Warcraft whore
to level up in
my next crusade
to conquer your
Yeah, I played
many games
But, this is different
You are
like the sakura
in Spring
As the leaves
And, I
want to chop
down your
cherry tree
and not share
any of your fruit.
And, that’s no lie.
I cry sometimes.
Not any physical tears
But, my heart mourns
when it is away from
For the past two seasons
have too many reasons
Why you need to
be there
where I can
in the things
that I fabricated
in my head
that make
you beyond great
Beyond the
lies your
Soothing me
like the Force
I was forced
to stay on
led by
your touch
It didn’t
take much
For you
to have me
place the
below your feet.
My creative
urges met defeat
Until we met
It felt so correct
It was easy
to detect
this vibration
of emotion
my soul
breathe take
pain stake
As friends
I’m comfortable
As lovers
I’m _______
I’m more than
I know
you think
this is for the birds
But, this bees
love, too.
Lover’s Rock
to a
Sweetest Taboo
This is not shy day
I’m screaming
Asking for you
to rescue and
take my mind away
Into the neverending
Beginning of
some mind-bending
heartbeat mixes
and blending
I’m penning
these verses
about you.
It is fluid
how you do life
that is.
Is how I
describe this.
Must cement
with you
that’s rudiment
I need you
to be
A Muse meant
for me.

Club Design: 2

Well, Tao in the Venetian and Geisha House in Hollywood are two of my favorite venues. The venues are beautiful and project a an upbeat sophistication, even when the crowd sucks. Well, what kind of venue could you make with these venues?


The Geisha House:

The Hell with Gas Prices

My fascination with cars sometimes baffles my friends and family. I love to drive. I like having control of a car and opening it up on a highway. I also adore small powerful roadsters. My favorites of the bunches are Lotus Elise, Tesla Roadster, and Spyker C8 Spyder . Well, I have a new one to add to the list. The Tramontana…

The A.D. Tramontana embodies a revolutionary concept that incorporates technical precision, personlized design, and F1 superior craftsmanship. This vehicle of exquisite design brings real race design to the streets.

A piece of art modeled and molded on the streamlined curves of the Costa Brava’s winds. It is art in motion for the driver that values driving as an art.

Review: B.O.B. Your Head to This (Created for Underground Live –

Many of you know how I have a tendency to talk about when southern rappers used to rap instead of chanting, talking, and instructing people to move their bodies. Back then, southern rappers talked about life’s trials and tribulations. They didn’t glorify wet street dreams. They talked about life– beautiful and ugly. The imperfections of our decisions, and our desires to live in a perfect world. Southern rappers used to capitalize on lyrics like blues musicians. They also rely on jazz’ rich southern heritage to conjure up the best production in the game. The south could finally hold its head up in the rap game with the consistent releases of delicious soul food. Then, the unexpected happen to the south.

Master P stepped into center stage. Percy Miller, one of hip-hop’s smartest businessmen, made the decision to repackage the minstrel show and flood the market with variations of it. Master P was able to capitalize on the glorification of the African-American community’s flaws. Without regret, Percy exploited his own people until he was ranked in Fortune’s “40 Richest People under the age of 40.” Many so-called rappers decided to take the low road and follow Percy’s steps in self-degradation to produce mediocre rap music with over-the-top street tales with below average Yamaha keyboard and basic 808 drum production. When we thought lyrics could not get any dumber, then the do! Southern rappers released a million and one workout instructional songs in rapid fire succession. How many songs can one person listen to that tell you to shake it, drop it, pop it, slide, superman, batman, crank that, hop that, beat that, and any other action that makes you look like a whore or an idiot? Well, we don’t know because they are still coming out.

Well, B.O.B. has released a number of mixtapes that combine what I used to love from southern rap and what I hate from southern rap. Furthermore, B.O.B. is able to combine them like legos. He uses intelligent lyrics, ignorant topics, sultry production, and bouncy 808 beats, and repetitive snares to make his masterpieces. On occasion, he jumps leaps and bounds in lyrics and production. I recognize he is straddling the lines of two worlds. He is not trying to stray too far from what is out there and expected from southern rappers, but he wants to open up in the art department. I’m giving his mixtapes a lukewarm welcome because you can see the potential in him. He also has a collaborator that appears on a number of tracks named Willie Joe. Willie Joe is witty. He is a combination of Jadakiss and Ludacris. His subtle delivery pours like syrup over the beats. The other featured artists are par to sub-par.

B.O.B. is worth a listening. I have not decided if he is going to be a hero in southern hip-hop or will he be another southern rapper fad. B.O.B. could be a force to reckon with if he continues to evolve as an artist and not become a crowd chaser.

One thing is for sure, his music is better than everything out of the “young” South.
Download B.O.B. is The Futer Mixtape

Download Cloud 9 Mixtape

Download The Movement Mixtape

Hip-Hop’s Salvador Dali

Everyone knows Salvador Dali is my favorite painter ever! I’ve admired his work from the time that I could color with crayons. I think Dali captured emotion and imagination better than all artists. In a world where most artists paint thoughts, statements, ideas, and life, Dali painted dreams and nightmares. These dreams were his home. He found solace in his strange world. They were the only place that Dali could be himself. He wore his emotions on his sleeve and was not apologetic about his actions.

Dali was a man of peculiar habits. He was larger than life. People criticize African-American athletes and celebrities for referring to themselves in third person. Yet, Dali was notorious for it. He was an egoist-narcissist covering his insane thoughts of the world. He is one of few European men that referred to their African heritage as the inspiration to lavishing living. I quote, “my love of everything that is gilded and excessive, my passion for luxury and my love of oriental clothes” is in reference to his Moorish roots. Dali was a character in a flawed story, yet he perfectly fits in the story. Ayn Rand couldn’t write a better story.

Dali’s views and opinions were his and his alone. They were sometimes intelligent and sometimes ignorant, but all the time changing. I admired Dali for being human. His public self and private self treated each other with great respect, even though he was unable to protect them in media drive-bys. Dali became a casualty to public opinion. However, it was a hard fought war for love.

Dali’s love for life made him a madman. He sought happiness and in his works he found her. Most of us seek happiness outside of our work and never find her. But, he found it in all his masterpieces and in himself. He was protective of his happiness and lashed out at anyone threatening to take her a way or criticize her.

Today, I realized Hip-Hop has a Salvador Dali. Watch the video and take notice.CLICK HERE FOR SALVADOR DALI’S BIOGRAPHY.

G Shock Event – Can’t Tell Me Nothing from kwest on Vimeo.