Glow in the Light Bright

Well, I’m back after hammering through my studies to hit you off with some sensical nonsense. Where to begin… Hmmm. My dear hands allow the force to guide you. Okay. Let’s begin with some obnoxious ish to blow your mind. No, I’m not talking about Kanye’s Glow in the Dark Tour, which may be the best looking set any rap performer put together.

Let’s talk about the things that matter. All the material goods that yoou would sell your hiney for. How about a beeper?

Beeper from kwest on Vimeo

Maybe, I need some gold with it. Now, I’m shining

Ban BET forever

They are teaching our children to hate black folks!!!!

Here is the second banned episode!

Mogulism Lesson 1: Point A to Point B

Change… It is the most beautiful thing in the world. It is so beautiful that most of us fear it. Change… Just hearing the word provokes a million images in my mind. I love change. I’m a proponent for change. My life has always been about change.

I’ve learned it is the core of all moguls. They desire constant elevation. Constant elevation induces growth. Growth leads to change. Change leads to elevation. The cycle continues. For example, I’ve made the decision to write this blog in freeflow. There are no adherence to English structure. I just want to write my emotions, and emotions do not follow rules nor order. This is the first lesson of moguls: allow your logic and emotions guide your decision making. Feel your gut. Society’s rules cannot force a mogul to conform. They move to the spark of their emotions.

Moguls harness the energy of their emotions with logic and use it in business and creative endeavors. They only seek what makes their souls content. Their goals are power, freedom, and happiness. We, as average humans, believe living in a world that changes on a whim is crazy. We claim to want the same goals; however, we believe power, freedom, and happiness are unattainable in this life. We poke fun at or admire the moguls that chase such “ridiculous” goals. We accuse the money has made these moguls go crazy. We say “why can’t they be happy with all that money?” or “Look at her, the money has drove her crazy?” We don’t understand these people learned that it isn’t the money that makes people happy, but the things that move the heart. Those things can change at the drop of the dime, thus making stability impossible. These persecutors of change value stability over happiness. These individuals believe stability will lead to happiness. This is the most illogical theory ever conceived. Einstein said it best. Doing the same things day after day, expecting change is insanity.

For the reader that seeks to improve his current situation, why do you perform the same things day after day? We need to move from point A to point B not point A to another point A. Point B may not be the right choice, just make sure it is better than point A. Eventually, one of our point B’s will be the right choice. We will have learned how to pick not only the best choice, but the right choice. Understanding how to choose is just as important as our choices. Today, I will choose change.

What are you choosing today?