Club Design: 2

Well, Tao in the Venetian and Geisha House in Hollywood are two of my favorite venues. The venues are beautiful and project a an upbeat sophistication, even when the crowd sucks. Well, what kind of venue could you make with these venues?


The Geisha House:


Poker Face

The revisit to Nippon! I miss you Nippon. I’m coming back, promise.

Classic Material and New Material: Self-Destruction

Self-Destruction is a worldwide epidemic that is killing mothers, fathers, teenagers, children, and babies. We allow our personal demons to destroy the world around us while killing those we love and hate. This is my plea to all the current, relevant, and powerful artists out there, we need a new track! Kanye, Dre, Timbaland, Pharrell,, Marley Marl, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, ?uestlove, Danger Mouse, Just Blaze, P. Diddy, Rico Wade, Pete Rock, RZA, J. Dupri, Swizz and Premier, WE NEED A NEW SELF-DESTRUCTION TRACK. What in the hell are you guys waiting for?

The boys in Japan, got it together. Thanks to my man, DJ Yutaka for exposing Japan’s Self-Destruction.

The Truth of Hip-Hop

My Japanese days…

You just heard the sounds of Teriyaki Boys. Now onto that other ish that is smoking in Japan!
This is Verbal’s real group M-Flo when Lisa was still in the group. They were Japan’s Lucy Pearl if Q-Tip was in the group instead of Rafael Sadeeq.

These are my boys from Leestown Junior High (Lexington, KY). We later met up at Nanzan University (Nagoya, Japan). I was there helping them form the band. Called Homemade Kazoku translated into Homemade Family.
The funny thing is my man Taisuke aka Micro also worked at GAP the same time Kanye worked at GAP. So, if you want to make it in music go work at the GAP!!!

My main man TWIGY and Macka-chin. We used to kick it in the Nag.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

In a world of chaos, I have learned to maintain some order in my life. I categorize and file all the activities, events, actions, reactions, situations, nouns, verbs, and anything else in order. I am not the greatest multitasker; however, I’m a great time slicer. Multitasking means simultaneously performing one than more activity while doing something completely different. On the other hand, time slicing is dividing your time up in order to perform more than one activity in a given time span. Now, I know you are quite confused about this notion of multitasking vs. time slicing.

To better clarify, I will construct examples of the two, thus pointing out key differences. Since this post is about cleaning, I’ll base my examples around the cleaning process. For example, you are multitasking if you are listening to the stereo while sweeping the floor. You are actually simultaneously performing two activities: (1) Listening to music (2) Sweeping the floor. Here is another example, you are able to clean the bathroom while talking on the phone through a bluetooth headset. Multitasking is basically having the ability to simultaneously perform to activities without dedicating time to one activity or the other.

I will now explain time slicing. Most of us perform time slicing and call it multitasking. The key difference is time slicing forces us to dedicate our time to perform one task while the other is paused for the duration of time. For example, we are time slicing when, we are washing dishes and watching TV (operative word is watching TV). As most people are washing dishes, they are paying attentioin how well they wash the dishes and not “watching” TV. They are usually listening to the TV as they are watching their hands scrub, wipe, wash, and rinse the dishes. They stop washing dishes when they look up at the television in fear of not properly washing the dishes. This is time slicing. They are performing two different activities in the same time period; however, one activity takes precedent over the other activity and pausing any action to the one without the precedence. When people tell you they are good multitaskers, you should ask them to clarify because more than likely they are not multitasking. They are usually time slicing. Many time slicers are poor in their performance because of poor organization and execution.

Organization and execution brings be back around to why cleanliness is next to godliness. Both, multitaskers and time slicers, need to be highly organized in order to effectively and efficiently complete multiple activities within a given time period. Cleanliness constructs an organized environment to execute ones activities. Most of my mogul-minded friends recognize cleanliness as the key ingredient in completing any task on their to-do lists. Cleanliness starts with clearing out the physical clutter in their lives. We use cleaning as not only a reason to procrastinate, but we use it to use time to garner clarity. Most moguls clean their personal space in order to buy time to multitask their business life. We feel as though a clean home creates an atmosphere to construct business.

Cleaning the filth in our personal life is an opportunity to clean the filth in our business life. Now, cleanliness does not mean throw everything away to a minamalistic existence, but it does mean clean until your life isn’t cluttered. The mogul-types have a lot of things in their worlds. We keep things operational and don’t like searching for things in organized clutter. Therefore, we take the time to organize and sort the clutter into an organized existence. We clean until nothing is just laying around. If things are laying around, we either organize them within storage or dispose of them. In our cleanliness, we value functionality of an item and our ability to function in our world. The objects and tools that may interfere in our forward progress must be put in its proper place.

Once our physical existence is clean and everything is in its proper place, we are able to clean our mental existence. In a clean domicile, we sort through our mental mainframe and defrag our internal hard drive to make sure we are optimized for the best performances. Our mental defragging process causes us to use tools in our physical existence such as notepads, books, organizers, rolodexes, etc. to completely keep things clean and in order. Within a clean physical existence, it becomes easy for one to locate the necessary tools to assist in organizing the mental existence. There lies the balance between the physical and mental. When these two areas are completely clean, then the spiritual existence naturally starts to clean itself. We start to fall into the flow of things and begin to feel the elevation of oneself.

The spiritual cleansing runs full circle because it will push your understanding into what you will continue to use in your other two realms. My mogul friends start to discard items and reprioritize the goals and aspirations in their existence. Their cleanliness becomes an overhaul and makeover for their lives. This is why cleanliness is next to godliness. Observe your friends that are moguls in the making, you are bound to see that their lives hodl cleanliness as the catalyst to be able to navigate in various circles, perform numerous activities, and overall succeed in completing the tasks at hand.

This post goes out to Rekkai Steed, Michael Jordan, Bobby Craft, Dudley Jennings and all the other moguls-in-the Making.

Club Design: 1

For all the people that know me, they know my vision of my existence is defined by the world I create. My closest friends and family will attest to my desire to create institutions that define Charles. One of the things that I have cooked up is an idea for a restaurant and lounge. I’m a connoisseur of leisure. I love scouting out the best vibes and atmosphere in all the cities that I visit. Believe me, I’ve visited a plethora of cities from this side of the Atlantic Ocean to the Far East and even to South Asia. I’m serious about my desire to create the perfect restaurant and lounge. I know two things must be in place to pull off such a feat.

(1) Atmosphere of the lounge must create an alternative world for the end-user aka the customer. (think in terms of the holodeck made famous in Star Trek: The Next Generation).

2) The entertainment must be top-notch. That is your cast from the doorman to the glasses that people sip their sin juice bellows superiority.

You want people to know that you are in the business of great working environment to create a great leisure environment. Your cast for your entertainment into this alternate dimension is the valets, doorman, cashiers, waiters, waitresses, host, hostesses, coat checker, table bussers, chef, line cooks, kitchen cleaners, decor, technology, cutlery, glassware, music, lighting, scents, decor, restroom attendees, signage, in uses brands (food, music, alcohols, cigars, etc.), dancers, musicians, performing artists, artwork, and the venue itself. I have seriously carved out what I want to do in my lounge and restaurant.

I am currently compiling ideas of things that have been done or are being done. I will post some of my findings online. But, until I launch my lounge and restaurant, you have yet to see perfection.

This is the Blue Frog. The Blue Frog Club is Mumbia’s premier live music performance space. The club is 6,000 square feet of the best opulent ambient design in India. The excellent acoustics support the consistent stream of international artists that play some of the world’s finest jazz, blues, funk, soul, and afro/latin to electronic, club, rock, and folk. The pictures speak more than words, so pay close attention.