Games, Lames, and Dames: Week 1 in the Can.

Peace Good People,

I guess you all know by now that I moved from Los Angeles to Orlando, Florida (Home to Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and other random theme parks). If you did not get the memo titled, “Charles Babb Moves Again!” What a shocking development (said in my most sarcastic tone). Yes, people, I’m in Orlando pursuing my Masters of Science degree in Interactive Digital Media with a Production concentration. In layman terms, I’m becoming a Video Game Producer.

Many of you are wondering why I’m placing my pursuit of movie and film production on haitus for the crazy world of video games. My most rooted reason isI’ve always played video games since my older brother bought a tape recorder for his Commodore Vic 20. I’ve loved games not only on Atari, but loved them on Tandy, Commodore 64, Coleco Vision, Sega Master System, Commodore Amiga, and Apple. Recently, I’ve been thinking…

Drumroll… I have a passion for video gaming and I definitely have a passion for producing entertainment, so it only makes sense to combine my two passions? Finally, the most intelligent reason, the video game industry made $12.5 billion last year (’06) [reference:]. Now, that is a third more peanuts than the movie industry. All I want is a few hundred million. Yes, I said it, I want to make a FEW hundred million.

No, it isn’t impossible. Matter of fact it is quite possible. And, if you can’t fathom making a hundred million dollars, then you will never make it. Better said, you don’t deserve to make a hundred million dollars if you can’t imagine making it. As a dream merchant, I’m in the business of selling dreams, thus making my profit earning is limitless. So, if you dream big, plan bigger, and execute the biggest, then you will reap your reward. In a capitalistic society, that reward is capital, which transforms into riches and matures into wealth. And, knowing that having an endless amount of capital in a capitalistic world will pave a path to happiness or madness, I’m willing to take my chances on becoming happy or going mad. My happiness would make everyone envious. My madness… Hell, I’ve already gone mad, so it doesn’t matter. Okay. Okay. I’m done rambling about my move and my ambition to make a few hundred million dollars…

Now, I have a new description added to my moniker. I’m a FIEAn. I’m here to school you ladies, gentlemen, suckas, and swagger jackers on what a “FIEAn” is in this wondrous world of love. It is a master’s student at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy at University of Central Florida.

I’m working day and night on making the entertaimnet industry a little more interactive. No, you pervs. I’m not trying to make interactive pornography. You know who you are. So, don’t ask me to make DVD players with insertion holes. I will be delivering games like Okami, God of War, Metal Gear Solid, GTA, World of WarCraft, and any other AAA title on the video game market.

Classes are quite humbling. For once in my life, I’m not the know-it-all. I have to learn programming and art. Catch-up is an understatement. I’m marathoning to get on the same level as my fellow classmates that are artists and programmers. I want them confident in my knowledge of their positions. I want to be able to assist and coexist in their worlds while holding down my production duties.

Actually, I want to be the Trifecta in video game designer. Now, chew on that and doubt my abilities. In five years, you’ll see me on the cover of BE, Time, and the Robb Report. Grind your teeth when I jump up and down on Opera’s sofa or lay the smackdown on Bill O’Reilly. I’ve met many people that have succeded in their dreams, and I’ve met some that are on their way. Shout out to those striving for their dreams- I hope all of you continue to succeed in your own endeavors. For the doubters… Yeah, the doubters… As my undreamable dreams may give you reason to doubt me. Your reasonable doubt is my motivation.

Just Blaze get at me. I need a soundtrack in 2009 for my game!