Orlando Bound

Okay. Okay. I know I said Los Angeles would be my last move. But, my Gemini nature keeps chipping at my soul. Like all other Air signs, I have to move and saunter through time and space. Life is good to me, so I know it will get better. My life is like wine. The longer I maintain and take care of it, the better it taste. Even though, there are some individuals that wish for me to pour a bitter draft. I will continue to strive and elevate my existence in this world. Besides, there are no rules! There is no guide book! I can only make the right decision.

For you all that don’t know, I have decided to leave this Hollywood lifestyle alone for a year and head back into grad school. Yes, another degree and another learning experience. This time, I’m chasing a lifelong dream. After producing Street Fury DVD for over two years, the only logical step for me was to chase after the dream of video game producer. I’m the guy that writes poetry, treatments, stories, and screenplays easier than a starving person diving into a feast. Even in the midst of writing two screenplays, I have taken the time to start a video game storyline. Back to the main story…

SO, I’m off to Orlando. Heading back to the south. Man, I missed the south. Who would have thought leaving the south to go overseas- visiting more than seven countries and moving to paradise would have made me long for my youthful stomping grounds. New beginnings are always good with Charles Babb. I seem the most creative in the hatching process. My energy is high and the environment hasn’t taken its toll on me. My cycle in a single location is still two years. Well, Florida will be no different. Because the Masters degree in video game design will place me one step closer to fulfilling the childhood dream. After I get that paper, I must become very resourceful and utilize all my mojo to make my millions in a billion dollar industry. Believe me, I’ve been planning a lifetime for this.


My Wife and Child

Recently, people have been asking me about my marriage status and my child bearing record. I guess that is a common question to ask someone my age. Here is the sweet and simple skinny concerning these two questions. I am currently married to Life. See, Life has never been a bitch to me. Life has been quite wonderful and amazing. Life and I are having a great relationship. Sure, our relationship has its ups and downs. However, the ups trump the downs by ten-fold. Like all respectful relationships, it comes with dedication, diligence, and dexterity.

Life wants your undivided attention. Well, I learned Life necessarily doesn’t want your undivided attention. She wants you to recognize your devotion and dedication to her should be authentic, seen, and felt in everything you do. I realize that life appreciates it when I dedicate all my other activities (necessary and extracurricular activities) to her. She overstands that I have to devote time and energy to other things besides her to improve her living conditions. In return, Life supports me through these endeavors. She patiently grants me time to elevate in these activities. I know it is hard to believe someone as narcissist as Life would be so kind. Especially, since everyone’s favorite rapper’s favorite rappers continually disrespects her by not devoting or dedicating time to her. They get angered by the fact she doesn’t give them 100% of herself. They call her names; they write verses about her. They even write complete songs about how hard she has been on them. In reality, she is giving them what they deserve. Life is fair in rewarding people for their earnest efforts. She honors those that plan well with her, and are not afraid to execute those plans. If you act ordinary toward her, she will treat you in an ordinary way. If you are extraordinary toward her, then your existence with Life will be extraordinary. I am not one that settles with being ordinary. I surround myself with overachievers, with exuberance, and with extraordinary situtations. People bug out because I know a plethora of entertainers, politicians, trend setters, and business leaders. They are people that respect Life and offer her an extraordinary relationship, and she returns that to them. Furthermore, she is giving them the same effort that they are giving her.

Speaking of effort, you have to be diligent with pleasing Life. She has the tendency of not working for you if you don’t seem to be working for her. The only way to guarantee she is working for you is to be diligent in your work with her. Even when it seems she isn’t working for you, she is working damn hard in giving you her best parts. So, be patient! She is definitely patient with you. I make it a point to remain industrious in my endeavors. I diligently work to make her happy and dedicate all that I do to her.

Even when she doesn’t make me happy, I remain dexterous, and adapt to what she does give me. One virtue that all overachievers learn is dexterity. Dexterity allows people to accept criticism and failure. It allows them to see the success in their failures. I have learned to be nimble with Life. Life is the champion ballroom dancer and I’m the novice pupil on his first day. I know if I prove to her that I can handle the criticism; I’m willing to learn; I’m willing to adapt and overcome, then she is willing to reward me for my efforts as the perfect partner.

Life has rewarded me with many children. Recently, Life gave birth to Underground Live. Underground Live is the embodiment of all my loves in Hip-Hop culture. Actually, Underground Live is my mirrored reflection of all I love about creative culture. It is the trend setters, it is the pioneers cursed with creative stigmata, the ambition to sacrifice it all in order to constantly push the envelope with or without the proper recognition. It is honesty covered in art. It is a piece of me and Life wrapped in goodness.

Does that effectively answer the questions of my marriage and childbearing? God has not blessed me with neither in the human form. One day, I hope to reap those rewards. Moreover, I hope Life, my current wife and our children will overstand when I take on matrimony in the human form. I also hope that both my wives will dance and fellowship together. Matter of fact, I hope my human wife will be the embodiment of my precious Life.